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Quotation of on-board 15kw diesel generator

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quotation of on-board 15kw diesel generator product model tos18000et frequency 50Hz rated voltage 220/380v rated power 15kw phase number single phase | three phase starting mode electric starting engine model kd2v88 fuel type 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (winter) Weight 230 generator remarks: its own pressurizer oil tank volume 28L noise level dB continuous working time tolerance 10 minutes tight 8hrs (full load) rated speed 3000rpm compression ratio and convenient 24:1 fuel consumption 210g/h overload protection device has engine type V-type, parallel bar, four stroke, air-cooled, direct injection cylinder number cylinder diameter Stroke mm lubricating oil use sae10w30 (DC level or above) size (mm) 1100*670*900

price of daze 15kw three-phase diesel generator daze power diesel generator is a generator driven by internal combustion engine. It starts quickly and is easy to operate. However, the cost of internal combustion engine power generation is high, so diesel generator sets are mainly used as emergency standby power supply, or in mobile power stations and some areas where large power has not arrived. The speed of diesel generator is usually below 1000 rpm, and the capacity is between several thousand watts and several thousand kilowatts. The manufacturing of diesel generator is relatively simple. The output torque of the diesel engine shaft fluctuates periodically, so the generator works under the condition of severe vibration. Therefore, the structural components of the diesel generator, especially the rotating shaft, should have sufficient strength and stiffness to prevent these components from breaking due to vibration. In addition, in order to prevent the uneven rotation angular speed of the generator caused by torque pulsation, causing voltage fluctuation and light flicker, the rotor of the diesel generator also requires a large moment of inertia, and the natural torsional vibration frequency of the shaft system should be more than 20% different from the frequency of any alternating component in the torque pulsation of the diesel engine, so as to avoid resonance and shaft breaking accident

after sales service:

1. All machines sold by the company are debugged and trained free of charge for their operators to use

2. The machines sold enjoy free maintenance and repair services for one year from the date of sale (except normal wear and tear parts)

3. After the warranty period, it is necessary to detect various specifications and features before the application of many materials, and provide spare parts and maintenance services for a long time

[company name]: brand of Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd. - Daze power

[contact]: Sun Gong (Manager)

[sales]: (tel/Landline): () sundengkai520 landline:

[email]: (e-mail) [email protect in industries forced by the state d]

[exhibition hall address]: (office add) No. 818, Yecheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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[about after-sales]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty is one-year lifelong maintenance, the national joint warranty

[reason for recommendation]: excellent quality, low fuel consumption, simple operation, considerate service, the best choice for construction, emergency and standby

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