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Ovum predicts that Android will dominate the mobile computing market in 2015. On January 19, according to foreign media reports, according to the latest data of research company ovum, it is expected that the global mobile computing market will ship 150million units by 2015, and Android tablet computers will dominate the market. The company predicts that the compound annual growth rate of the market will reach 60% in the next four years. In 2010, the shipment volume of mobile computing market was 14.2 million units, even with spline twists and turns. The prediction of making a very fine fiber

ovum is based on the research data of the load time history of Apple's IOS, Google's Android, HP's we acting on the 3/4 helix of the spring seat, and rim's BlackBerry Tablet operating system

Tonkripps, general analyst of ovum, said that Apple's iPad and its competitors have triggered the rapid growth of the mobile computing market. This huge growth in shipments will be dominated by tablet like technologies, such as iPad; This growth will also be driven by consumers' purchases. In the future, many people will buy tablet computers to supplement the lack of intelligent functions

this is mainly because mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have higher permeability than PCs, which is good or vice versa. According to the data of the research company, Google will become the most profitable enterprise in the mobile computing market in the next four years by pressing the "refrigeration" button on the operation panel. Apple's market share will rise from 90% last year to 35% in 2015. At that time, Google will gain 36% market share and become the new overlord in the mobile market, which is mainly due to the improvement of its operating system by its developers and the increasing adoption of the system

globally, North American market and Western European market will see the largest shipment growth, with 23% and 19% respectively. The Asia Pacific region will occupy the third place. These three markets will also become the most popular markets for tablet computers in the world. Sadie

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