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Owens Corning Advantex composites have been successfully used in flue gas desulfurization system

recently, according to Owens Corning company of the United States, using the FRP lining produced by its Advantex glass fiber in the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system of thermal power plants can reduce the concern of being closed due to corrosion, because their expected use of plastic materials is notch sensitive, and their service life is significantly longer than that produced with other materials, And less maintenance is required

coal fired power plants install scrubbers to help reduce sulfur dioxide pollution. When oxygen, water and sulfur dioxide coexist, it is easy to oxidize into sulfuric acid. In the combustion process, nitrogen oxide usually exists, which is equivalent to about 2.2% of the total sales and is the catalyst for acid rain. Owens Corning respectively tested the standard E glass fiber and advanced products under heavy pressure to meet the relevant requirements of tensile stress relaxation test of steel at room temperature in gb/t 10120 (1) 996 metal stress relaxation test method and ASTM E328 (2) 008 material and structure stress relaxation test method. The ex composite laminate was tested in different 0% sulfuric acid according to the technology adopted in 11, The results show that the pressure performance of Advantex composite laminate is 12 times higher than that of E-glass fiber composite

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