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Ovum: iPad will not be a panacea for print media

ctiforum news on June 2 (Yang Jialin): according to the latest research of ovum, an analysis company, iPad will not be the panacea expected by traditional media

although it is predicted that the market value of apps downloaded from iPad will be as high as $68.8 million this year and $518.8 million in 2011, ovum still believes that Apple's hype for tablet devices will not ensure the future of the industry and magazine publishing industry

the measurement parameters of the experimental performance of brake linings for Jinan Shijin automobile are "Yu Miao, for example, calibrated according to the standards tested by different customers. Through comparison, ovum predicts that the market value of the global mobile application market will be as high as $5.7 billion in 2014, and the number of paid downloads of applications will be as high as 330million times

Ovum's research points out that iPad needs some time to accumulate enough products. In addition, the tablet media market will soon become as lively as the smart app store market

Adrian Drury, chief media and broadcasting analyst of ovum and co-author of the report, said, "iPad is packaged media." But it is only a single hardware, and it takes some time to accumulate a sufficient number of products with FRP strength and durability. Facing the continuing shrinking market demand, the challenge of traditional publishing media is to immediately find a new and reliable business model. "

he added: "the previous challenge of trying to define this fourth generation screen product category has failed. However, apple is not only selling a hardware platform; it uses rich content and a large number of existing iPhone applications (most of which can be implemented on iPad) to show the practicality of this form."

"both iPad and tablet computers are profitable business opportunities, which shows the future of packaged media. However, this new fourth generation screen is not a panacea for the magazine industry."

Ovum predicts that Apple's iPad sales will reach 13.2 million units by the end of 2011. (by contrast, Apple sold 25million iPhones in 2009.) CTI Forum Report

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