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Ovim: support the "backbone" of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

ovim: support the "backbone" of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

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the Gongbei tunnel of the Zhuhai connecting line of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge has been completed recently, which has taken a solid step for the opening of the bridge at the end of the year. When it comes to the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, everyone will think of the "super project", "100 billion project" and "the longest cross sea bridge". It can be seen that its construction is difficult and the investment is huge. Only a handful of countries can complete such projects. In addition, few domestic projects can achieve the "goal of 120 years of design service life", and they also need to achieve it under the conditions of complex marine corrosive environment. This is not only a wise consideration, but also a competition for product technology and product quality of various manufacturers. Ovim bravely joined this competition

ovim: supporting the "backbone" of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the 120 year service life has become the "basic requirement" for the shortlisted products and construction bidding of all powerful manufacturers. As the leader in the domestic prestress industry, ovim company provides products and technologies such as high-strength threaded steel bar anchorage system, intelligent lead core vibration isolation rubber bearing, steel box girder positioning system, etc. to escort the bridge throughout the whole process and support the "backbone" of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

in order to improve the durability of products, ovim company has carried out multiple anti-corrosion design for products, such as the steel bar of high-strength threaded reinforcement anchorage system. In addition to its own anti-corrosion coating, it has also added corrugated pipe and vacuum grouting double-layer insurance to effectively isolate air, sea water and other corrosive media; The intelligent lead core vibration isolation rubber bearing has added functions such as wind resistance, beam falling prevention, force measurement, pre offset, etc. these functions are also used in domestic projects for the first time. Because of the leading quality and technology, ovim won 80% of the orders for rubber bearings at one stroke, adding a pair of iron "joints" to the bridge; The steel box girder positioning system is the display of the comprehensive strength of ovim equipment and control, which is completely familiar to ovim company, which has experience in equipment regulation in many lifting projects, such as Yantai sunken ship salvage (5) the simple operation of the spring fatigue testing machine. Ovim company has ensured the installation accuracy of the steel box girder with the mature Jack hoisting synchronization control technology, This is one of the key technologies related to the 120 year design life of the bridge

the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is about to open to traffic. This century's project will be recorded in human history and become the pride of China! When the Chinese wisdom outer box is cleaned, the new polymer products can also develop new mechanical strength polymers, and the quality of which will be reviewed by time in the long years to come. The provision of three key technologies of ovim: the hardness of steel bars, the toughness of bearings, and the accuracy of steel box girder hoisting will make the 120 year design life of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge possible, or even beyond

these three "wonderful hands" of ovim are the epitome of many R & D achievements of the company. The successive completion of super projects such as the "giant eye for viewing the sky" - the fast project of the National Astronomical Observatory, "the world's Tallest Bridge" - the Beipanjiang bridge in Guizhou, allows people to enjoy the convenience of the development of prestress technology and appreciate the style of ovim again and again! Screw load meter (ammeter or voltmeter) can correctly reflect the extrusion pressure

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