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Owens Corning CEM fil glass fiber improves the strength and durability of distribution line poles

the strength and durability of distribution line poles are improved with lightweight concrete and Owens Corning CEM fil glass fiber

dulhunty Power Ltd. has opened the world's first full-scale production plant in Australia to produce groundbreaking composite distribution line poles. This composite pole has become the first kind of high-strength fire-proof durable pole by integrating three technologies: filament winding, high-performance concrete and alkali resistant glass reinforcement

eco titantm composite pole is developed by CMT worldwide and Langdale industries. It is made of lightweight concrete, Owens Corning CEM fil alkali resistant glass fiber and vertical winding processing method that can maximize the performance of raw materials without metal. The results of the product are as follows:

-- the weight percentage of glass fiber reinforced material is 15%, which is 3 times the usual weight percentage of 5% in glass reinforced concrete

-- the total weight does not exceed half of the wooden pole. At the same time, its breaking and bending test results are very consistent with the current standard

-- it is not flammable in the sun and does not strive to be economical and fair. It is affected by ultraviolet rays (UV)

-- corrosion resistance Insulation and electromagnetic interference free

a study compared the carbon emissions of this composite concrete pole with other traditional poles, and found that the production of this composite concrete pole has the least carbon emissions. The carbon emission of composite concrete pole is only higher than that of processed wood. The service life of wooden pole is 50 years, while the service life of this composite concrete pole is expected to be 70 years, so its carbon emission shows obvious advantages

according to CMT worldwide, the global distribution line and pole market is developing towards safe, low-cost and easy-to-use engineering products. The market share of alternative materials is approaching 40% and is expected to continue to develop rapidly in the next 5 to 10 years

allen sellers, President of CMT worldwide, said, "eco titantm composite poles are the first real new products for the distribution line market in 15 years. The combination of our materials and processing technology has created ultra-high performance poles with good strength to weight ratio, and also achieved the lowest carbon emissions in the production of pole products."

Owens Corning used its reinforcement and fabric technology to support the development of this composite concrete pole. The company's CEM fil alkali resistant glass reinforcement gives high strength and durability to a variety of composite products based on cement and plaster, including new and rebuilt building facades, industrial floors and tunnel linings

"Attending the exhibition is also to look at the conceptual needs of customers.

cem fil glass fiber business development director Benoit Lorre said:" glass fiber reinforced concrete poles combine the advantages of composite materials and concrete. This creates a powerful lightweight fire-proof pole, which points out another way for the market to turn to composite materials and get rid of wooden materials. "

dulhunty power is the first licensee outside North America. The utility poles produced by the company's Moolap plant in Victoria provide the required options for public facilities exposed to forest fire risks every summer. The fire that broke out in Victoria Asia in February, 2009 destroyed countless electric poles and wires

fire tests were conducted earlier this year at the Western Fire Center, Inc. in Kelso, Washington, USA. This two-step test process conducted accelerated weathering and direct combustion tests on the poles. The test report of Western Fire shows that the environmental protection of the composite concrete pole is related to the survival and development of Anyang industry, which is an innovative Daron reg; The resin production process is robust and safe, and they think it has "excellent" performance

eco titantm composite poles were finally shortlisted for the 2010 JEC Innovation Award project and were exhibited at the JEC exhibition in Paris in April. This technology is now licensed worldwide

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