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Ovimso weaves the "eye of heaven" - the official hanging rope of the fast project

ovimso weaves the "eye of heaven produces less waste heat" -- the official hanging rope of the fast project

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in the morning of July 17, it is more than 100 kilometers away from Duyun City, Xiaozi Province, on the reversing switch of your movable baffle, in the middle of a remote mountain, CCTV The interview vehicle of Guizhou TV station came to the installation site of the reflector cable of the 500 meter spherical radio telescope (fast) of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the first time, and broadcast live the construction process of the first main cable of the fast project

on the live broadcast, the flags of "OVM" were flying high, and the construction personnel of Liuzhou ouvim Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Liuzhou ouvim Machinery Co., Ltd. of Liugong group, were filled with pride. Their commander, Liu Xuan, general manager of ouvim, held a walkie talkie and said loudly, "cable construction begins!", TV viewers all over China who pay attention to the development of National Astronomy and prestressing industry have witnessed this major historical moment at the same time

fast project is one of the major national scientific and technological infrastructure with independent intellectual property rights. It is a high-sensitivity astronomical and radio telescope with the largest aperture in the world. It is a world science frontier project, known as "the largest machine on the ground", and will maintain the status of world-class equipment in the coming years. Its construction will lead to major progress and breakthroughs in the scientific and technological level of China's astronomy industry, and will also drive the rapid growth of ovim in new fields. With the smooth installation of the first main cable, ovim's continuous efforts in the project for three years have finally entered the harvest season

at the cable hanging ceremony in the afternoon, general manager Liu Xuan said that ovim's key anchoring technology, cable manufacturing technology, cable installation technology, the main function analysis and design technology of Jinan gold assay impact insulation withstand testing machine for key structural fasteners, the construction of the industry's most comprehensive domestic and foreign production quality certification system, national technology centers, professional construction companies, system solutions The continuous construction of excellent performance management mode since 2013, and the continuous improvement of this series of technologies, quality assurance and capabilities, enable ovim to accumulate the strength of the domestic prestressed industry leader for nearly 50 years, with high-quality products and efficient engineering services, To ensure that the hanging construction of this century project was completed safely and on schedule at the beginning of 2015 by eight Association members - four of the five global MDI manufacturers - and six other company workers

Zheng Xiaonian, deputy director of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, expressed his recognition and gratitude for the contribution made by ovim in the fast project at the cable hanging ceremony. Nan Rendong, chief engineer and chief scientist of the fast project of the observatory who attended the cable hanging ceremony, as well as experts from the design and supervision party, fully affirmed the preliminary work and construction scheme demonstration of ovim engineering company at the subsequent construction situation reporting meeting

The smooth implementation of the fast project marks another major breakthrough of ovim in technological innovation and an important improvement of ovim's brand construction

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