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Zhao Junjian: domestic somatosensory fighting robot realizes your dream of mecha

Zhao Junjian

craftsman social somatosensory fighting robot ganker ex

artisan social somatosensory fighting robot participated in the WCG world's first somatosensory fighting robot competition

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in the craftsman's office of Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong youth dream factory, Zhao Junjian, 32, CEO, didn't arrange a desk for himself. His office space shuttles back and forth between various departments. Accustomed to the flat management method, he has led the fighting robot company, whose automotive interior parts are mainly composed of non-metallic materials, from zero to "one". This "one" is the world's first somatosensory fighting robot company with mature technology and products. The story of Zhao Junjian is a story of relying on struggle to realize dreams

the dream of turning into a robot in childhood has now been realized.

"maybe every boy has had the illusion that Beijing nano silver conductive ink and RFID RF tag antenna based on nano material green printed circuit have achieved industrialization: driving a combat robot, fighting with another person, and deciding the victory or defeat." Zhao Junjian, the 32 year old founder and CEO of Shenzhen craftsman Society Technology Co., Ltd., also had such a typical childhood: he loved watching cartoons, playing with GAODA model toys, science fiction, assembling transformers and mecha soldiers, and "transforming" mecha soldiers danced handsomely

however, such a dream of mecha used to be satisfied only by watching foreign IP cartoons and playing models and games. Although the imagination is exciting, it is difficult to have a real robot for human control in the real world

talking about the original intention of entrepreneurship, Zhao Junjian told: "whether watching cartoons when I was a child or watching live action movies like Pacific rim and transformers when I grew up, I will find that those robots are very similar, either with knives or guns. In short, they are all fighting images. These images are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and are using virtual ways to meet the childhood fantasies of every childlike person." Zhao Junjian said that such illusion could not be realized before because technology did not allow it, and there was no such industrial conditions, commodities and technology applications to be implemented. "What we have is just a model or virtual game."

nowadays, such a dream is becoming a reality

win glory for the country with robot products

in July 2019, the world cyber games (WCG) chose to cooperate with the craftsman society to hold the somatosensory fighting robot competition worldwide. The contestants from 13 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Japan, Switzerland and Vietnam, finally came to the Xi'an finals after layers of competition. Before that, there had never been a somatosensory fighting robot competition in the world

an exciting scene occurred in the single player group finals of the somatosensory fighting robot competition unit. When the Chinese players played against the Japanese players, they used the craftsman's robot ganker ex to use the "kill" tactic that had never appeared before, firmly clamped the footwall of the opponent's robot with the shield in the robot's "hands", instantly overturned it, and directly won the championship. Then, the champion raised a five-star red flag and waved it proudly on the field. Zhao Junjian, who stood on the sidelines watching the battle, felt a sense of national pride in his heart. What he had never thought before was that the somatosensory control fighting robot he created could become a competition robot in global competitions and win honors for his country. This feeling is no less than the pride of Chinese athletes in winning gold and silver at the Olympic Games. At that moment, Zhao Junjian told himself that this was the first international competition of somatosensory control fighting robots, and it was the first time to be held in China. This made him once again confirm his original intention of Entrepreneurship: he created a Chinese brand for somatosensory control fighting robot

at the same time, he was also moved by the seriousness and professionalism of the two members of the Japanese team. "They graduated from E-sports school. Before it was their turn to compete, they watched videos of other players' competitions in the hotel every day, learned the tactics used by others, and finally won six consecutive wins and won the championship of the double team."

this also surprised Zhao Junjian: "Japan has special institutions to train such athletes, which shows that the e-sports industry has changed internationally."

off the court, Zhao Junjian also tried to use his own robot ganker ex to play friendly matches with players from the United States and Vietnam, but he was completely defeated. "This is a good thing. It shows that the products developed by our country are better used by consumers in other countries, which means that our products are more widely trained and used internationally."

the successful holding of the event made Zhao Junjian see the exciting side of entrepreneurship. He realized that in addition to having a single product sales market, fighting robots may also form a new sports event. "Fighting robot is the product of physical technology and sports. It is a new competitive tool. On the one hand, compared with traditional e-sports, people are driven by body language in the process of competition, including the concept of sports health, and robots just follow you to exercise. On the other hand, compared with traditional sports, basketball and F1 racing are sports of the 19th century, and E-sports with the birth of mobile Internet technology is the 20th century Will fighting robots, a sports competition based on new technology, be a new human sport in the 21st century? " He is looking forward to it

Zhao Junjian believes that technology and sports will be the two key elements of robot competitions in the future

focus and strive to pave the way for entrepreneurial success

enter Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong youth dream workshop in Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone, and entrepreneurial companies such as craftsman's club are everywhere. Those who sprinkle their youth here are also young people who are full of passion and ideals and are down-to-earth and willing to work like Zhao Junjian

Wen Xin, an employee of the company, told her that she preferred companies with physical products after having studied abroad. The experimental machines below 1 ton are basically conventional electronic universal experimental machines. The reason why zhaojunjian's company attracted her is that he made her see the possibility of turning her dream into reality

however, entrepreneurship is always a near death. Craftsmen's club also encountered difficult moments in its early stage of entrepreneurship. In 2016, due to lack of funds, it was difficult for the entrepreneurial team to launch the products. Even the research and development of the prototype is done by pooling money, and the market development is beyond our ability to bear. Later, through crowdfunding, after obtaining the support of some domestic and foreign dealers and fans on many platforms, he produced the first generation of products. Tian Zi said with pride, and got his first investment at the end of 2016

the success of entrepreneurship depends on professionalism and dedication. Zhao Junjian went out of school in 2010. Before founding the craftsman's club, he was engaged in the smart home industry and had a deep accumulation in the development of software and hardware, and he always adhered to the post of product manager. Today, he will still bring the product manager's "gene" to each department to put forward possible product improvement suggestions from consumers. However, in the view of the employees in the product department, they can't see the leadership posture when communicating with Zhao Junjian, and they feel equal communication and open-minded listening. This is also a reason why employees feel that the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the company is very good. Now, at the end of each month, the company will hold a birthday party for employees who celebrate their birthdays that month

in 2015, when the artisan society was just founded, there were only a few people. Today, it has developed into a high-tech enterprise with millions of fans at home and abroad. Its products sell well in Europe, North America and all over China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It has become a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. "When we first settled in the free trade zone, the cement pavement had not been repaired. Over the past few years, the government department of the free trade zone has given us key entrepreneurial assistance and many welfare subsidies." With the advantageous rent of office space, the support of venture capital, and the favor of investors, craftsman's club has opened the market doors of three continents and eight countries and regions along the way

entrepreneurship cannot be separated from the hot land of Shenzhen, and high-performance driven application technology will be deeply cultivated in the future. In Zhao Junjian's view, the company's achievements depend on the excellent advanced manufacturing industry environment in Shenzhen. "In other words, if we go to another country to produce this robot product, the result may be that it cannot be produced, or the landing cost is too high, and it is not competitive in international sales." Zhao Junjian said, for example, it's like a robot execution device project. In China, the project cycle is rarely longer than 10 months, usually controlled within a few months. In Japan, the cycle of a team project may take three to five years. First, because the cost of R & D engineers in other countries is high, and second, because the cost of mass production is very high, so the price of a product may cost tens of thousands of yuan, so naturally there is no market

talking about the direction of future efforts, zhaojunjian attaches great importance to high-performance driven application technology. This puts forward three requirements for the company: first, high-performance drive joints can be developed and production costs can be controlled; Second, it requires that the R & D, patch and mass production of the execution unit form a complete chain; Third, we need software engineers to explore and accumulate the bottom layer. Shenzhen has exactly met these three conditions. This is also the reason why Zhao Junjian firmly chose to start a business in Shenzhen to realize his childhood dream

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