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Move forward with heart. Considering the purchase cost, strive for innovation and win in the future,

flying snow brings auspiciousness, good cheer brings spring, sheep leave the old year with the new wind, and the monkey festival brings good luck to the Spring Festival. On January 14, 2016, the 2015 annual award ceremony of Wuxi yingweiteng Elevator Control Technology Co., Ltd. and the 2016 New Year Party of moving forward with heart, striving for innovation and winning in the future came to an end at the Hilton Hotel in Wuxi. Relevant industry leaders and corporate guests were specially invited to attend this evening. The evening has many award links, and the dedicated partners over the past year have received due recognition and awards. The whole party is a gluttonous feast dedicated by yingweiteng's employees

Zhang Qing, vice president of Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co., Ltd., and other leaders and guests were invited to attend the party, and Mr. Liu Jianhui, general manager of Wuxi yingweiteng Elevator Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. In his speech, he reviewed the achievements of Wuxi yingweiteng in the past year and looked forward to the future. Liu Jianhui said: achievements belong to the past, and looking forward to the future is more important. With the change of national policies and the improvement of industrial standards, especially the improvement of customers' requirements for elevator safety, energy conservation and efficiency, there are higher requirements for the enterprise's technology, product innovation and core competitiveness to help adhesive manufacturers worldwide improve product performance and build production processes in various utilization fields. I believe that as long as we adhere to the vision of becoming a world leading and respected supplier of products and services in the field of elevator control, adhere to the market-oriented and customer-centered business philosophy, move forward with our hearts to meet our own needs and even the needs of the world, and strive for innovation, Wuxi yingweiteng will win tomorrow, 2016, and the future

2015 is an extraordinary year. Under the background of declining industry demand and increasingly fierce competition, Wuxi yingweiteng continues to increase investment in R & D resources, improve product performance and ease of use, constantly meet customers' personalized needs, and finally obtain market recognition. Yingweiteng has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, optimized internal management, strengthened quality control, and made great efforts to meet the needs of different customers, and has made remarkable achievements

if Wuxi yingweiteng's achievements stem from the employees' gratitude to the company, the employees' efforts have also been rewarded by the company. At the party, Wuxi yingweiteng selected the winner of its star of the year and the annual excellent management Bauhinia Award. These awards are Wuxi yingweiteng's memory and gratitude for the hard work of its employees. As Liu Jianhui said, I am very lucky to have you. This mutual achievement and gratitude is the best witness of the good relationship between Wuxi yingweiteng and its employees. No wonder Liu Jianhui is full of confidence in the future. With such a group of hardworking and hard-working employees, there will be great prospects in the future

the award segment is to commend excellent employees and motivate all employees, while the performance segment is the best platform for yingweiteng's partners to give full play to their talents and show themselves outside the workplace. Share the most moving song and the most beautiful dance to the colleagues who usually get along day and night, and bring them laughter and spiritual pleasure. A wonderful performance is a self display. Through such a performance, Wuxi yingweiteng's partners also deepened their understanding of each other. It's the same time. They have more opportunities to communicate, know and understand each other. Such understanding brings mutual understanding and empathy, and mutual understanding is the basis and premise for the improvement of Wuxi yingweiteng's cohesion. The party enhanced the cohesion of Wuxi yingweiteng, which is the core strength and key for the company to win in the future

inveterate has a beautiful vision and great ambition, and is motivated to improve the quality of life of local, national and global community people, maintain the company's good reputation, ensure profitability and growth, recruit, cultivate, motivate, repay and retain capable, moral and dedicated employees with attractive personal growth opportunities and good welfare, and provide users with leading technology, flexible user customization ability Competitive price, good quality and good service and support

such a vision is beautiful and grand. I believe that as promised by Wuxi yingweiteng, they will move forward with their hearts, rely on and trust their partners through struggle and innovation, and win the future together

about NVIDIA:

NVIDIA, founded in 2002, is committed to becoming a world leading and respected provider of products and services in the field of industrial automation and energy and power. In 2010, it was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share, stock code: 002334. Yingweiteng is a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan. At present, it has 15 holding subsidiaries, which are located in 12 major R & D centers nationwide, and has applied for more than 700 patents of various types. Its main products include high, medium and low voltage frequency converters, elevator intelligent integrated machines, servo systems, PLC, HMI, motors and motorized spindles, SVG, UPS, photovoltaic inverters, etc. Yingweiteng has more than 2000 employees, 3 large-scale production bases, and marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad

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