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Boshan District makes every effort to promote the ceramic industry to a new level

this year, Boshan Liuli's device adopts an innovative liquid to liquid pressurization system, which can be described as a series of happy events. At the just concluded reception dinner of the national military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, "Boshan glass flower arranging ornaments" series of works were placed on the state banquet table; Products such as "glazed plum vase" made by Boshan West metallurgical workshop were selected into Diaoyutai State Guesthouse; The honorary title of "Chinese glazed grape grandson" hualuobo mountain; Zibo ceramic College of Shandong Academy of Arts and crafts, which has been rebuilt to cultivate taoliu talents, will soon be put into use

on September 25, do you need an electronic universal experimental machine or a hydraulic universal experimental machine for the fourth China (Boshan) glass culture and Art Festival? It will be grandly opened in Boshan, the "hometown of Chinese glass". The glass (glass) art design innovation competition, Shandong pictorial charm Boshan special issue release and photography exhibition, glass Boutique Auction, "Renli ink has made great progress and breakthrough in China's plastic extruder Market" new product launch, glass art photography competition, glass art master creation performance, glass art master apprenticeship ceremony and other activities made people who came to the activities linger and dazzle, Intoxicated in the colorful dream world

in recent years, with the prosperity of cultural and creative industries, Boshan coloured glaze has ushered in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for revitalization and development. Vigorously implement the "talent revitalization plan for taoliu industry", and introduce and implement relevant policies and measures; Relying on the high-quality educational resources of the Central Academy of fine arts and Shandong Academy of fine arts, as well as vocational secondary schools under the District, it has cultivated more than 800 high-level professionals. At present, the district has 4 national arts and crafts masters, 9 glass art masters, 11 interior painting masters and more than 100 provincial art masters of all kinds, and has a large number of senior technical talents and skilled technical workers. In terms of product market share, glazed crafts account for 40% of the national market share, and have developed into the largest production and marketing base of glazed crafts in China; Flat glass, automotive glass and glassware products account for 20% of the national market share. Boshan has become the largest glass production base and product distribution center in China. Its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions, with an annual sales revenue of more than 6 billion yuan. The regional cultural brands of "world glass in China, Chinese glass in Boshan" and "Boshan glass, Ming and Qing official kilns" are becoming more and more popular across the country

in the tide of makers, Boshan glass development is not willing to lag behind, and actively build an entrepreneurial platform for makers to inject fresh blood into the revitalization of Boshan glass industry. "In the future, Boshan District will continue to take the development and expansion of the Taurus cultural industry as an important part of adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure and accelerating the transformation of the development mode, promote the improvement of core competitiveness with the innovation of talents, promote a new round of development and innovation with the innovation of talents, and fully promote the Taurus industry to a new level." Boshan District Party Secretary Xu Bing said to

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