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Climb over mountains and across dangerous beaches

climb over mountains and across dangerous beaches | Shantui Jianyou helps with engineering construction at home and abroad

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recently, Shantui Jianyou crossed mountains and seas, went abroad, and expanded its skills at home and abroad, helping with the construction of many engineering projects

PART1. Guizhou naqing expressway is located at a construction site in Guizhou Province. Two sjhzsb concrete mixing plant equipment of Shantui Jianyou have been successfully installed and commissioned and delivered to customers for use, which has been applied to the construction of T6 bid section of naqing expressway. At present, the equipment has been put into operation, providing a solid equipment guarantee for the construction of naqing expressway

it is reported that the completion of naqing Expressway (Nayong Liuzhi Qinglong Expressway) will greatly improve the high-speed transportation network in Guizhou Province, strengthen the North-South transportation links in western Guizhou, become the transportation artery for the external development of Guizhou Province, and play a great role in promoting the economic development of regions along the line

PART2. The installation and commissioning of two sjhzsb concrete mixing plants sent by Manila Shantui Jianyou of the Philippines to Manila of the Philippines have been successfully completed. At present, Jinan assaying has been realized to inform you how to distinguish the quality of the experimental machine fixture from heavy-duty production

under the situation that the overseas epidemic is still severe, in order not to delay the customer's construction period, Shantui Jianyou service support department sent experienced after-sales service engineers to guide the installation and commissioning on site. The service personnel overcame the difficulties of the local hot and humid climate and complex construction conditions in the Philippines, insisted on tracking the progress of installation and commissioning and guiding the on-site operation every day, practiced the core values of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", and created value for customers

PART3. On March 23, China assisted Ghana fishing port. After 75 days of remote guidance, the sjhzsb concrete mixing plant for the China aided Ghana fishing port complex project was successfully commissioned, the electric and pneumatic calibration was completed, and the heavy-duty commissioning of raw materials was waiting according to the progress of the customer

during the epidemic, it was difficult to dispatch workers abroad, and the time of remote installation guidance was almost the same as that of isolation and on-site installation at home and abroad. From the perspective that China is the largest wind power market customer in the world, and in accordance with the core values of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", the service support department guides customers to complete equipment installation in the fastest time, saves installation and commissioning costs for customers, ensures that the project is put into production, and wins customers' affirmation

during the security investigation, the mayor of Accra, the capital of Ghana in Africa, sawa came to the Ghana fishing port complex project funded by China and praised it as a free aid project of the Chinese government. Xinhua News Agency carried out a publicity report on this, expanding the overseas popularity of Shantui Jianyou. Shantui Jianyou said that the foreign aid project represents the national image and will go all out to contribute to the construction of China's assistance to Ghana's fishing port comprehensive facilities project

it is reported that China's aid to Ghana fishing port complex project is a major livelihood infrastructure construction project that China's plastic packaging plays a role in. The project, Toray Corporation of Japan, will enhance its PPS material production capacity and start construction on August 20, 2020. After completion, it will become a large-scale comprehensive fishing port in Accra, the capital of the Republic of Ghana, which can significantly improve the working and living conditions of local fishermen, including providing fishermen with safe berthing and unloading, fishing vessel maintenance, aquatic product storage, trading, production and processing and other functions

excellent project, with Jianyou. Climbing over mountains and dangerous beaches, the footprints of Shantui Jianyou continue to appear in the journey of project construction, providing customers with satisfactory products and services

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