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Several giants in the motor energy-saving market competed to expand production

[Guide: the potential market for motor energy-saving exceeded 100 billion. Jiuzhou electric, yingweiteng, Hekang frequency conversion and other giants competed to expand production. In early June, Vice Premier Li Keqiang in "seeking truth" The magazine pointed out that the technical level of high-efficiency motors in China has been high, but most of them are used for export. If the domestic inefficient motors are comprehensively transformed, 150billion kwh of electricity can be saved every year, 75billion yuan of electricity saving benefits can be obtained, and about 100billion yuan of added value can be formed.]

although it looks very similar, it is difficult to say it is a coincidence: in just one month after new year's day this year, three companies deeply involved in the field of motor energy conservation, including Jiuzhou electric, yingweiteng and Hekang inverter, have successfully IPO and landed in the domestic capital market. Market observers said that the phenomenon of such centralized listing reflected, to a certain extent, the support of relevant departments for such energy-saving enterprises and the popularity of the capital market for the industry

correspondingly, in early June, Li Keqiang, vice premier of the State Council, wrote an article in Qiushi magazine that the technical level of high-efficiency motors in China has been relatively high, but most of them are used for export. If the domestic low-efficiency motors are comprehensively transformed, 150billion kwh of electricity can be saved every year, 75billion yuan of power-saving benefits can be obtained, and about 100billion yuan of added value can be formed

the inverter market has exceeded 100 billion

obviously, the high-level government has set the tone for the localization and large-scale promotion and application of motor energy-saving equipment. From the perspective of market participants, while capturing the guidance of government policies, it is more about the consideration of potential market space

an expert who has worked in the field of motor energy conservation for many years told that motor variable frequency speed regulation has remarkable energy-saving effect, wide application range, easy transformation and the widest market prospect. The expert said that at present, a large number of industrial equipment in China, such as fans, pumps, as well as traditional industrial sewing machines and machining equipment, mostly use AC constant speed motors. The motors often operate under partial load, which brings confidence to extruder enterprises. The motor operation efficiency is low, so there is a large space for energy saving by using motor frequency conversion speed regulation

Jiuzhou electric also said in its 2009 annual report that the speed regulation mode has a significant effect on reducing the energy consumption of high-voltage motors

zhangguobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, said recently that China's installed power capacity has increased rapidly, and new steps have been taken in the adjustment of the power structure. The total installed power capacity will exceed 900million kW in the year. Experts calculated the market space of high-voltage inverter based on 900million kW: without considering the new high-voltage motors, the stock high-voltage motor market is about 128million kW. According to the current average price of about 800 yuan per kW of high-voltage inverter, the potential market of high-voltage inverter will exceed 100 billion yuan

the inverter industry not only has broad prospects, but also has advantages in production costs. The upstream industry of frequency converter is fully competitive, and the price of raw materials is relatively stable. The upstream of the frequency converter mainly includes power electronic components, chassis and other raw materials, but the high-voltage frequency converter includes transformers. Power electronic components mainly include ordinary electronic components (such as electrolytic capacitors) and core power components IGBT. At present, most raw materials, except IGBT, can be produced by domestic enterprises, and the industry competition is full

several giants are leading the way

frequency converter manufacturers who have gone through the initial stage are planning to become bigger and stronger with the funds raised by IPO. Summarizing the fund-raising projects of several inverter listed companies that have recently completed financing, it can be found that the next development direction of these enterprises is to expand production scale and enhance technological advantages. For example, inveterate plans to use the raised funds to expand production capacity and invest in the expansion projects of 200000 and 12million new low-voltage converters per year. In addition to expanding the production scale of the existing leading product high-voltage inverter, Jiuzhou Electric is also preparing to use part of the funds to build the enterprise technology center

Jiao Jian, an industry researcher at Shenyin Wanguo, said that since 2000, in the domestic high-voltage inverter market, domestic brands have made breakthroughs in high-voltage inverter technology, products have been fully localized, and the market share is increasing; In the medium and low voltage inverter market, the performance difference between domestic excellent brand products and foreign brand products is also gradually decreasing. In the field of high-voltage and medium and low-voltage frequency converters, there are some competitive listed companies

at present, Hekang frequency conversion and inverton occupy the leading position in the market. Hekang inverter ranked third in the domestic high-voltage inverter market in 2008, only second to Lide Huafu and Siemens. As of 2009, the company's orders were about 550 million yuan, about 50% of which have been delivered; Among them, 430million yuan has not been recognized, including 120million yuan of synchronous hoist high-performance high-voltage inverter, with a single price of about 15million yuan and a gross profit margin of about 60%. In the domestic medium and low voltage inverter market, NVIDIA ranks first at present. But the market share is still less than 3%. It is worth mentioning that the company's key customer strategy. In recent years, the company has actively developed large key customers, such as Zhenhua heavy industry, and gradually eroded the market share of foreign brands by taking advantage of price and service advantages

Electronic universal experimental machine adopts the latest technical achievements in the field of electronic technology

it is worth noting that the technical advantages of Jiuzhou electric and Rongxin make the two companies become strong contenders for market share

Rongxin Co., Ltd., which occupies a leading position in the field of high-power high-voltage converters, is developing 18000kva-50000kva high-power high-voltage converters. The company's business income of high-voltage inverter in 2009 was about 100million yuan, and it is expected that the business income of high-voltage inverter in 2010 will increase by 100%

at the core of Jiuzhou electric, we are also studying how the double-layer pressing plate composed of vacuum is connected to the heart business of 1 through adhesive. The high-voltage transformer is equipped with special software for the test machine. It can complete the setting of experimental parameters and the control of working conditions according to the standard. Data collection, processing and analysis are used to carry out statistical addressing of experimental data. The company has the most advanced high-voltage inverter detection equipment in China at present. The company has developed the doubly fed megawatt wind power converter technology, which is currently being tested. It is expected that the wind power converter business will become a new profit growth point of the company. (weimengjie)

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