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Motor controller: hard and soft can be targeted

whether it is industrial, household or commercial electricity, the motor is the largest energy consumer, and improving its operating efficiency is the best choice for energy conservation. IEA (International Energy Agency) has pointed out that motor power consumption accounts for 45% of the total global energy consumption. Improving the efficiency of motor drive system will reduce global power consumption by 9% - 14%. Under the dual pressure of energy shortage and environmental protection requirements, higher energy efficiency, better dynamic performance and lower running noise have become important design requirements for the motor drive to change the torque coordinate of the movement, which is straight with the length direction of the paper on the recording paper

three phase brushless motor needs a new solution

bldc needs a new solution to provide a modular advanced motor control software library to minimize software design work

among AC motor and DC motor, it is a trend for DC motor to replace AC motor. DC motor is divided into DC brushless motor and brushless motor. Three phase brushless DC motor (BLDC) and permanent magnet asynchronous motor (PMSM) in DC brushless motor meet the needs of environmental protection because of their smaller size, higher reliability and higher operation efficiency. Wu Jianhong, MCU business development manager of Ti, said that in order to achieve high reliability, low cost and high efficiency, the industry is moving forward from brush to three-phase brushless motor

Jian Wensen, market manager of Fairchild BLDC product line, also said that the trend of AC (AC) motor to BLDC motor is becoming more and more obvious. It is estimated that the shipment of major household appliances in the world will increase by 32% from 2010 to 2015, and the proportion of pmsm/bldc motor with a total investment of 10.75 million yuan will also double, because it is better in volume, efficiency, speed control, life, etc

in addition, in the BLDC type, there is also a trend from sensor to non transmission. David Crowe, chief economist of NAHB, said: with the economic recovery, there is a trend of sensor transformation. Wu Jianhong said that, for example, in the design of traditional field oriented control (FOC) motors, the use of rotor sensors will not only increase the cost, but also may reduce the reliability, thus adversely affecting the system. In addition, it is not feasible to use sensors in some specific applications, such as closed compressors or large traction equipment

although the industry is unanimously optimistic about BLDC, the adoption of BLDC motors also faces multiple challenges, such as the need for more advanced and complex motor control algorithms, less development costs and faster development efficiency. Therefore, new solutions are needed to provide a modular advanced motor control software library, minimize software design work (but still provide programmable system control and communication interfaces), etc. Simple venene representation. Wu Jianhong also pointed out that although sensorless FOC motor technology can bring many system advantages, many industries have to delay the adoption and promotion of these technologies due to the lack of motor control system knowledge

mcu is suitable for both leading and supporting roles

the trend of motor controller has shown a differentiation trend, and the roles played by MCU are also different

for brushless DC motors, the advanced FOC scheme is widely used, which requires optimized MCU and easy-to-use software. Although the motor controller manufacturers have unanimously recognized the business opportunities and future trends of motors, following past experience and differentiated considerations, the trend of motor controllers has shown a differentiation trend, and the roles played by MCU are also different

the newly developed integrated motor controller fcm8531 of Fairchild makes MCU a supporting role. According to the brief introduction, the core of fcm8531 is the integration of embedded MCU (MCS51) and advanced motor controller (AMC) on a single chip, and the data exchange and storage between the two sides are realized through msfr. Its advantage is that by using the software library pre configured and stored in AMC, AMC can execute powerful algorithms such as FOC and DQ control. MCU only needs simple system control software programming, so as to achieve the minimum software control. AMC and MCU work independently to avoid system interruption. At the same time, AMC can detect PWM signal in real-time cycle by cycle current protection, and turn off owm signal in microseconds to prevent system damage. Previously, Fairchild's related motor control chip products fcm8201/8202 had MCU interface, and the new fcm8531 is based on this, which directly integrates MCU into a single chip. Simple venene representation

this design simplifies the functions of MCU into configurable options for motor control, such as communication, management speed control panel, remote control device, etc. Although the MCU introduced by other manufacturers is mainly 32-bit, Fairchild believes that the function of MCU is to expand configurability and realize differentiation from the perspective of application, so it adopts 8-bit 8051 core. General motor MCU units require engineers to have the ability to write software, while Fairchild's scheme reduces the development technical threshold and greatly shortens the development cycle. Jane said. Jane venne also said that in the future, more AMCs will be integrated into the controller to control asynchronous motors through switches

Fairchild has some meaning of the sword going off peak, while Infineon is committed to making MCU based on 32-bit ARM core do more function integration to realize targeted motor control as the protagonist. Infineon recently launched the xmc1000 series microcontroller xmc1300 based on armm0 core, which has done a lot of optimization for motor control, and opened the door to the market with 32-bit function and 8-bit price performance ratio. Stephan zizala, senior director of industrial and diversified market microcontroller Department of Infineon Technology Co., Ltd., said that xmc1300 integrates a powerful capture/comparison unit ccu8 and position interface unit to support accurate motor position detection; At the same time, the integrated coprocessor CORDIC can perform vector rotation and hardware division calculation, and support the sensorless FOC solution, so as to improve the motor operation efficiency, which is not available in other single chip microcomputer products based on Cortex-M0. In addition, xmc1300 also includes advanced peripherals such as high-speed 12 bit analog-to-digital converter suitable for accurate measurement and PWM hardware synchronization, three analog fast comparators, Hall sensor and quadrature encoder interface, so as to achieve more efficient motor control

software focuses on flexibility

at present, the motor function is actually enough, and customers pay more attention to the price and the adaptability of the solution to the market segment

no matter how different the hardware forms are, software algorithm is the soul of motor control. Without efficient software, hardware will become passive water

Texas Instruments' latest 32-bit C2000 microcontroller Piccolo f2806x supports instaspin FOC. The most innovative is the fast software encoder embedded in MCU read only memory (ROM). It can replace the past motor sensor or software observer to reliably and robustly estimate the flux, angle, speed and torque under various service conditions. Wu Jianhong said that in the past, Ti used SMO algorithm, and it took a long time to find motor parameters to realize FOC, while fast can be called directly. Designers can identify, adjust and realize control in 5 minutes or less, which not only simplifies development, but also improves motor efficiency, performance and reliability in the application of all variable speed and load motors, and customers can concentrate on differential design

Infineon xmc1000 series adopts the free integrated development platform Dave, which is exactly the same as the high-end xmc4000 series released last year. It can also use Dave apps for modular programming. Engineers can select, configure and combine Dave apps through the graphical user interface, automatically allocate resources according to MCU resources, and support the automatic generation of C code and software documents. For example, in the application of motor controlled app, there are not only applications, but also samples that are also stretched in the same experiment based on peripherals. Designers only need to input the parameters and requirements of the motor used. Of course, you can also write your own program. Stephan zizala said that as of the end of February, 20 xmc1000 Dave apps had been released, and it is expected that there will be 150 throughout the year

in order to adapt to different motor designs, Fairchild AMC is also equipped with different software libraries, including speed integration, sliding mode, hall interface, etc., which can realize FOC, sine wave control, etc. Jane venne said that the three libraries provided by Fairchild cover 80% of motor applications, and 20% of special application software will be added in the future

in any case, the most important thing is customer recognition. A professor from Huazhong University of science and technology said that at present, motor customers feel that the functions are actually sufficient, and they pay more attention to the adaptability of prices and solutions to the market segments

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