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Motion control has become a hotspot of automation

1. Changes in market demand

1.1 many varieties, small batch market demand

motion control is more and more applied to machine design. It not only improves the speed and accuracy of the machine, but also provides a more flexible machine design. For today's small batch and multi variety of end-user needs, motion control provides a perfect response

mainstream motion control manufacturers in Europe and America, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, b&r, Lenze, Rockwell AB, have all invested heavily in the field of motion control. Siemens has introduced t-cpu, SIMOTION and sinamic120 drive technology, and has established a servo motor production plant in China to realize localized operation. In order to expand its scheme integration ability in the motion control market, b&r successively launched acoposmulti application scheme for multi axis systems, as well as acoposmicro and acoposexplorer, and integrated PLC open motion/hydraulic in its automation Studio development kit. At the same time, Robotics (Robotics) and CNC were also integrated into its development kit. In order to enter the motion control market, Schneider acquired elau, which is widely used in the field of packaging machinery, and bagra, which is famous for stepping motors, and established MAC (Mechanical Automation Center) in various major OEM markets. Rockwell AB acquired oemax in order to seek expansion in this field and make up for its price competitiveness in the low-end market. Bosch Rexroth also sought cooperation in China, The frequency converter manufacturer in Shenzhen was acquired to obtain local production to expand its ability to provide motion control solutions

1.2 independent drive technology

in various machine designs, the printing machinery has the highest requirements for the response ability of motion control. The concept of shaftless transmission was put forward and applied by Bosch Rexroth in 1994. This technology has brought revolutionary changes to machine design. It has improved the disadvantages of traditional machine spindle wear, high maintenance and inconvenient to add sizing blocks under the base to change orders, It makes the machine more convenient. The design of this concept is adopted in the web newspaper printing equipment of famous European printing machinery manufacturers, including MAN Roland, KBA and Goss. Synax200 is an integrated product without shaft transmission, which integrates the products of Bosch Rexroth with industrial applications. In China, Beiren Printing machinery and Wuxi Baonan machine manufacturing also adopt synax200 system in their newspaper printing. Later, b&r and Shaanxi beiren printing machinery began to successfully develop the first domestic paper intaglio printing machine on high-end intaglio printing machinery in 2003, with a design speed of up to 300 meters/minute. After that, Siemens also established a high-profile cooperation with Zhongshan Songde. In 2008, b&r won the successful development of Shanghai Dinglong full servo corrugated slotting printing machine, As many as 62 servo axes have been applied to the satellite flexographic press

the application of Lenze in the multi unit sizing machine system of Zheng textile machinery and Yancheng Honghua occupies a high market share. Every year, hundreds of sizing machines using Lenze Servo are applied in China, while Siemens' masterdrvier drive technology has been successfully applied in the multi unit sizing machines of Yancheng Textile machinery and Wuxi Huali, etc. in the synchronous control of yarn sizing and winding, The multi unit independent drive technology gives full play to its stable and reliable advantages, so that the sizing quality can be well controlled

tire forming machine is an application with very high requirements for change. In the process of tire processing, it needs to provide higher change and positioning control for belt layer, side rubber, bead conveying, etc. according to different tire production requirements. Bosch Rexroth and Rockwell AB have also been widely used in the tire forming machines of Qingdao University soft control and Tianjin Saixiang, Siemens mainly cooperates with Beijing Jingye and Rubber Research Institute

b&r has cooperated with Shanghai No.2 spinning machine in the application of super long spinning frame, and developed a leading 1500 spindle spinning super long car in China and even in the world. It applies b&r's acoposmulti servo driver, links 14 servo shafts, and has also obtained a tape casting film tension coiling project with up to 19 servo shafts in the field of plastic machinery

the four motor drive technology of roving frame is the first scheme successfully developed and widely used by b&r in China. Through the independent drive of dragon rib, steel collar plate, spindle wing, etc., all shafts are highly synchronized, and can quickly adapt to the changing needs of yarn production

2 technological progress

2.1 high speed response ability

servo response ability is greatly improved. The indradriver of Bosch Rexroth provides 250us position ring refresh ability, while the masterdriver of Siemens also provides 400us position ring refresh speed, and the acopos servo driver of b&r provides 400us refresh speed ", which makes the high-speed machine design easy to realize

baumuller's B Maxx series servo driver has a current loop sampling of 62.5us, a speed loop and a position loop of 125us and an AC conversion frequency of 8kHz respectively, a b&r acopos current loop of 50uS, a speed loop of 125us and a position loop sampling of 125us, and supports an AC conversion frequency of 15KHz at most

2.2 integration of real-time communication and motion control

usually Japanese servo products are controlled by pulse mode. Pulse loss and lack of real-time performance make Japanese servo applied in the relatively low-end market, while European and American servo mostly adopts bus technology, and its biggest advantage is that it provides great flexibility

today, real-time communication technology provides the communication foundation for motion control to meet the requirements of high-performance systems. In 2001, b&r first ran the epoch-making Ethernet Powerlink technology on the Tetra Pak packaging production line, which enables the data refresh of 50 servo axes and 2000 i/o points to reach an amazing 2.4ms. Moreover, it is based on the design of standard Ethernet chips without ASIC, which is the earliest real-time communication technology, Its application has brought the motion control between multiple axes to a new level. Bosch Rexroth's SERCOS communication technology adopts optical fiber communication, and the communication speed of up to 12mbps is integrated with indradriver intelligent driver. In 2007, Siemens launched a new generation of RTE PROFINET, which is based on Ethernet technology. At the beginning, sercosi is still a ring topology that cannot run motion and i/o instructions on the same channel, And practical and expensive optical fiber. Now, sercosiii better integrates standard Ethernet communication on this basis. RJ45 can be used for communication, and the topology has also been expanded. These are technological advances

the kinetix 6000 series of Rockwell AB supports SERCOS communication interface. However, SERCOS communication module is very expensive, and in order to achieve more complex electronic cam design, it needs to be equipped with high-performance ControlLogix CPU. The overall cost performance is not very ideal

ethernet Powerlink technology provided by b&r is currently the most widely used real-time communication technology, which is mainly determined by the huge customer base b&r has obtained in the OEM market. The future market may mainly rely on PROFINET IRT and Modbus tcp/ip, because these bus technologies supported by large manufacturers may rely on their own strong market resources to promote to a larger share. 1 Exchange servo electromechanical and exchange servo speed regulation system are adopted to control the experimental process, and Powerlink will follow, while SERCOS may eventually occupy a small share due to its narrow application range

2.3 common DC bus servo drive technology

the drive of common DC bus technology has also been launched by major manufacturers. Siemens has launched its new generation of drives sinamic120 and SIMOTION, while its t-cpu integrates motion control technology. The intelligent driver indradriver of Bosch Rexroth also adopts common DC bus technology, acoposmulti of b&r and kinetex 6000 Series of Rockwell ab

b&r acoposmulti servo driver

servo drivers with common DC bus technology can usually have two axis drive modules, such as the indradriver of Bosch Rexroth and the acoposmulti servo driver of b&r, both of which have application modules for two axes. In this way, by sharing the DC bus unit rather than integrating the DC unit into a separate driver, it provides a very large cost saving scheme in multi axis applications, For example, b&r's acoposmulti servo driver can save up to 30% in the application of more than 10 servo axes

rockwe this is mostly due to the better hydrophilicity of low molecular weight PTMC. Ll AB provides kinetix 6000 series servo driver. Based on the design of common DC bus, the integration of software platform

<2.4 has become the development trend in the future. B&r has always adhered to the design concept of all in one development platform, and its automation studio integrates HMI, motion, control and communication, Rslogix of Rockwell AB also integrates different product designs, which makes its product design simpler and provides low learning cost for customer development. What is more important is to look at the design concept of the machine from the perspective of the overall concept rather than the simple integration of software

2.5cam application

for web cutting, corrugated paper cross cutting, holographic positioning ironing, packaging heat sealing, spinning yarn forming, die cutting machine front paper feeding mechanism, etc., cam is widely used in many machine designs, including Siemens, b&r, Rockwell AB, Bosch Rexroth, baomuller, Lenze and other manufacturers have built-in cam function in their servo drivers, And its cam curve design ability can reach a very high realization ability. For example, b&r provides the drawing ability of 6-order 64 polynomials, while the cam of Siemens integrated into its process package can be applied to specific projects to provide the drawing ability of 6-order functions. Bosch Rexroth's cam can also achieve high operation ability, and it is also widely used in the field of electronic cam paper feeding mechanism and web cutting

3. Future development

3.1 modular design

in order to improve the flexibility of the system and realize the combination of different application schemes in any way, various manufacturers have provided a variety of modular designs, such as b&r acoposmulti servo driver, which installs the servo inverter unit on the backplane like PLC, and has a variety of flexible encoder modules configured according to the application, Acopos can even be directly connected to the CPU with PROFIBUS interface to the driver, and it can also be connected to i/o. For example, in the direct drive of printing press, the color code signal of analog quantity can be directly connected to the driver. This design directly improves the response matching ability between motion control and logic control. Lenze 9400 series servo driver provides the connection between PLC and driver, safety module, communication module, digital frequency, i/o and other options. Baumuller also provides driverplc access on its B max. CT servo driver can be directly inserted into i/o, CPU, etc. Rockwell ab kinetix 6000 series is also a multi axis drive scheme based on modular design, which greatly saves the space of electric cabinet, The sliding buckle installation also makes the wiring easier

3.2 safety technology

the humanized design of the machine must take into account the safety of people. In addition, it also includes the safety of the machine itself. Safety technology is becoming a must for many manufacturers in Europe. In China, although the safety of motion control has not been widely used, more and more

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