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Visual 3D design makes simulation lifelike

at Kennedy Space Center, simulation technology plays a very important role. The planning and modification of various tasks, from installing fairing for satellites to developing multi vehicle assisted escort routes, can be completed without operating any real equipment, and will not cause the risk of using any flight hardware. The operation of virtual world effectively reflects how to deal with emergencies and prevent some situations

tracey kickbusch led the 10 civil servants and Boeing employees called the design visualization team (DVG) to learn from the experience accumulated in the past to find the best way to deal with the needs of future spacecraft. "Our goal is to help customers succeed in their first test run," said kickbusch

simulation technology enables the team to deal with a large number of problems that will arise in the construction of future rockets and spacecraft in facilities built before the birth of some designers

The DELMIA software launched by Dassault system is the core of the above simulation processing. The program allows users to test different design methods with mobile devices when using building models, spacecraft models or both. At the same time, the program can also be used to help answer various questions, including where to place the swing arm in the launch tower, how to support team members to enter the spacecraft and help astronauts fasten their safety belts to prepare for launch, etc. About 20 facilities of Kennedy Space Center and ground support equipment (including crawler transporter and rotating assembly part fixture, etc.) are designed with the help of the above virtual model

in many cases, when planning a new project or operation, the team needs to confirm how to use existing facilities and resources for accurate assembly

dvg team is also invited to make predictions for some unexpected situations, so that NASA can make plans for some unexpected situations in advance. For example, the removal or installation of three 7000 pound main engines of a large Hyster forklift and lifting equipment for the space shuttle in the orbiter processing plant is operated by a controller sitting on the top of the equipment. The team not only simulated the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the design and installation procedures for new forklift equipment, but also simulated specific safety procedures. In this case, an action step shall be determined to prevent the equipment installation operator from having a heart attack during operation

kickbusch points out: "Before the advent of 3D simulation technology, many processes were planned using 2D drawings of facilities and hardware. This is a method with very low accuracy and does not take into account the possible obstacles in the facilities. The customer said that a poster of our planned vehicle looks more like a real window than a simple picture, which shows that the current version of m&s software is much more realistic than the graphic rendering function two years ago."

before the implementation of the DELMIA system, the analysis was carried out according to the oral description and the instructions of the engineering team. The staff involved often used inconsistent terms to communicate and cause confusion, which was the main problem before. After the implementation of DELMIA's simulation technology, all the staff involved can see and understand the unified information outside the wide product line. The engineering team can also obtain the simulation video as a supplementary material to the ground operation processing documents

kickbusch points out: "A big challenge in designing new systems or processes. 6 the fly ash war used in cement and concrete is to enable everyone to interpret data in the same way. Through design visualization technology, everyone can see the same graphics or simulated scenes, which makes it easier to reach a consensus. Experts have good ideas on how to improve the design or process, but how to ensure that the team records the demand changes generated in the integration process It is another challenge we face because inspiration is fleeting and we don't want to miss any details. "

the design visualization team of Kennedy Space Center simulates the work of NASA Mars Science Laboratory in the load risk servicing room.

the details of the project can also be displayed before the real construction of the spacecraft. Therefore, it is suggested that the ball screw of the servo system can fully meet the potential problems required by users. For example, when the team was working on the constellation project, the analysis showed that a design would restrict the access of ground personnel wearing safety protection equipment to the data of the Orion spacecraft storage station. The inspection results are very specific and fast, so that the board design can be expanded

the large file library of the team is composed of all projects of Kennedy Space Center and is the same as that of electricity: if you can increase the electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and anti-static and conductivity of materials, the computer model created by the division with a large number of different computer-aided designs can be used to scan the specific parts of the equipment to generate laser files and update the file library, so as to ensure the maximum safety and utilization of the equipment, To save a lot of time and money

by integrating with the current and proposed work plans, the design visualization team is showing people that the 3D simulation technology is as important to the ground operation team as the architectural drawings are to the architects. (end)

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