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Shantui's "Daoji customer care line" activity goes into Ili

Shantui's "Daoji customer care line" activity goes into Ili

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with the theme of "starting from the heart and achieving value", Shantui's marketing division cooperates with Shantui Daoji Research Institute, Urumqi office, Weichai Power The service visit team formed by Xinjiang Jinshan Tui came to Ili Prefecture, which is known as "the south of the Great Wall", to pay a visit to "Daoji customer care trip"

the first stop: boss Ding of Zhaosu County

visited the injection molding industry in European countries, which is the industry most seriously affected by the financial turmoil. The first stop of the team came to the construction site of Zhaosu county to visit boss Ding, an old customer. The customer purchased two mountain push sr22ma rollers in the early stage and a new SG grader this year. The team listened to the customer's questions about the use and maintenance of the equipment, According to the questions raised by customers, China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. After that, the visiting group gave a gift to boss Ding

the second stop: boss Huang of Tex County

the second stop of the visiting group came to the construction site of Tex County in "Bagua city" to visit the customer boss Huang. The visiting group warmly communicated with the customer about the use of the equipment. During the conversation, it was learned that boss Huang had many years of experience in driving road rollers and knew well about the road roller equipment of various manufacturers. When asked why he chose the mountain roller, Boss Huang said: "I am very satisfied with the design of your steel wheel. The design of the internal bearing has greatly improved the durability of the steel wheel. The roller works on the steel wheel!"

the third stop: Xinyuan County construction site the third stop of the visit team came to the construction site of Xinyuan county to visit the customer Pang Lao people-oriented board and the driver master Wang. When Master Wang heard what we said, he asked, "are you all from Shandong". It turned out that Master Wang's hometown is Qingdao, Shandong. He has been in Xinjiang for more than 40 years and still has a local accent. He misses his hometown's beer and seafood very much. Master Wang has been working on road rollers for five or six years, The maintenance of the equipment was very careful, some suggestions for humanized improvement were put forward, and the visiting team members carefully recorded them

the fourth stop: nilek construction site

finally, the visiting group came to a construction site in nilek to visit Master Liu, the driver. Seeing Master Liu, the visiting group, they reflected some problems of the equipment during use. The visiting personnel carefully inspected the equipment, tested the reflected problems in person, and dealt with them one by one. One of the problems was the cause of misoperation. After careful explanation and operation demonstration, Master Liu smiled with satisfaction

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