The most volcanic dongchanglin appeared in Shunda

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After more than 40 years of development, the first Shunda international Electromechanical exhibition in Alar opened in Alar on July 18. When Shandong Changlin DEUTZ customers purchased the hydraulic universal testing machine, Farr Machinery Co., Ltd. appeared in full dress with "DEUTZ Farr" series tractors df2104, DF2604 and "Shuhe" series products

in this exhibition, the "DEUTZ France metal data tensile testing machine" was used in detail to ensure the normal operation of the experiment. The handsome appearance design of the "Shuhe" brand series tractors attracted new and old users to visit and became the star product of this exhibition. According to manager Chen, the tractor of the system meets the farming needs of Xinjiang, and the product configuration, performance and other issues have reached the international level. On the exhibition site, many users personally got on the car to experience the experience. The "DEUTZ Farr" product service engineer was also on the side to guide the training. Many customers are not only interested in the products, but also satisfied with the company's enthusiastic service

deutzfar machinery continues to innovate, constantly improve the industrial chain, create high-quality and large-scale medium and high-end agricultural machinery products, actively expand sales channels, seize the development opportunities of each new market, and provide users with rich modern agricultural solutions while expanding and refining agricultural machinery products. Continue to lead the development of the agricultural machinery industry, continue to provide high-quality products and services for the world, and realize the new take-off of enterprises

this electromechanical exhibition is co sponsored by alar publicity department, alar Commerce Bureau and alar Tourism Bureau

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