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Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: Recently, Chery heavy industries recommended to apply for the first major technical equipment certification project in Fujian Province in 2018. 20 new tractors were lined up in two rows. The 20 pacesetters of the province in 2012 were wearing red ribbons, I am glad to take over the big key of gengwang tractor produced by Chery heavy industries as a symbol of reward. Big grain growers from Fuyang, Anhui Province

recently, in Chery heavy industry's modern plant, 20 brand-new tractors were lined up in two rows. Twenty of the major manufacturers of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in 2012, the province's leading grain growers and agricultural machinery makers wore red ribbons and happily took over the big key of the King Tractor produced by Chery heavy industry as a symbol of reward

yangwanyou, a big grain grower from Fuyang, Anhui Province, said happily: "I have planted grain all my life. I didn't expect that the state will give rewards when the grain is planted well. Today I will take this tractor home for a prosperous new year."

in 2012, the total grain output of Anhui Province was 65.78 billion kg, an increase of 3.07 billion kg over the previous year. We have achieved a rare 9-year-on-year increase and 7-year-on-year increase. In the process of achieving a high grain yield, a large number of large grain producers and agricultural machinery producers with large-scale planting, standardized production and intensive management have come to the fore. Ningbo is one of the first batch of innovative pilot cities in China. In order to encourage large grain producers and agricultural machinery manufacturers to continue to play a leading role, the Anhui provincial Party committee and government decided to reward 20 large grain growers and agricultural machinery manufacturers in the province with a Chery gengwang rc804 tractor

it is reported that after Anhui Province determined the reward scheme for large grain growers, it conducted public bidding for 20 "prize cars" at the end of November. As soon as the news came out, many domestic tractor manufacturers participated in the competition. Finally, Chery heavy industries was selected with outstanding technical advantages and excellent market strength

Chery gengwang rc804 tractor, as a prize, is an internationally advanced four-wheel drive wheeled tractor developed by Chery heavy industries according to market demand. It has strong power, excellent performance, beautiful appearance, advanced technology and strong adaptability. It is widely used in various farmland operations, transportation and other operations. Since its listing, it has been widely welcomed by farmers and consumers

zhaoqirui, a big grain grower, told happily, "the tractors awarded by the province are the latest models, very advanced, four-wheel drive, and powerful, so I have more confidence in growing crops."

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