How to solve the safety problem of floor to ceilin

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How can we solve the safety problem of floor to ceiling windows in family decoration

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How can family decoration solve the safety problem of floor to ceiling windows

expert tips: now more than half of the window designs provided by developers are floor to ceiling windows, which are transparent and practical. However, many windows are of average quality, and cracks may appear after a slight impact. Especially those with children at home must pay attention to protection. For safety, the owner can try two methods:

first, make an additional layer of plastic steel windows. If the window sill is wide enough, the owner can try to make another layer of plastic steel windows inside, using tempered glass, even if the glass is broken, it will not hurt the child. The frame can be made of general materials, but don't choose magnesium aluminum materials, because it can't have the effect of sound insulation and heat preservation. Another layer of windows can effectively prevent dust from entering, and has a good heat preservation effect, but its price is on the high side. It should be noted that if you want to make another layer of windows, you should confirm it before installing the marble windowsill, otherwise the marble will be removed

II. Make white steel guardrails. 70 cm high according to the width of the window, and the mullion of the interval should not be too wide or too narrow, subject to the fact that it cannot reach into the child's head. It is best to use white steel material. Because it is corrosion-resistant and rust proof, you can usually dry clothes. And the white steel material will not make the bedroom appear abrupt. We should choose white steel with thicker material, otherwise it is easy to deform. Generally, we can choose the one with the price of 150 yuan/square meter




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