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With the development of the economy, more and more companies have entered the door and window profession, and the addition of competitors has made the living environment of the door and window profession worse. In such a not so beautiful living environment, how can the door and window agency company find a way out. Perhaps transformation and skills are a better development direction

first, the transformation of door and window agency companies

as for the door and window profession, the regulation policy of the real estate market is good in the short term, and more stable shopping malls in the medium and long term. Under the control of the policy, house prices will tend to be stable. In the short term, it will promote the sale of the company and improve its performance. In the long run, a stable real estate mall will also make the door and window consumer mall tend to be stable, which is more conducive to the development of the door and window profession. The recent favorable property market policy has brought good news to the obscene door and window industry. Under this backdrop, door and window agencies should accelerate their transformation and make themselves suitable for this rapidly changing mall. Door and window agency companies may be able to carry out e-commerce to make themselves more competitive

second, the development of skills wins the development of

the development of Pan home furnishing makes the door and window agency company enter the era of a large company, and the era of a large company accelerates the speed of professional contact. In today's economic globalization, if door and window agencies want to occupy a favorable position in the shopping malls, they should have a long-term vision, have an overall concept, put their own development in the world shopping malls, and let the world shopping malls examine themselves

if you want to be recognized by the world's shopping malls, door and window agencies should actively discuss professional skills and reach the world level in skills, so that skills will no longer become a burden for domestic door and window agencies, and use skills to win the competitiveness of shopping malls. Yuan Liang, manager of vatti Sales Department, said: "according to the current situation of the development of doors and windows in China, although it should have achieved high-speed development in these years, frankly speaking, the skill development of some brands still stays at the level of" imitation ". Whether it is the imitation of industry brands, it is still the imitation of foreign introduced brands, and there are few innovative concepts. However, in connection with the actual situation that the threshold specification of the door and window profession is low, if you can't have the selling points of self-reliance center and form your own innovation chain in skill development, such a brand will be difficult to form a stable market competitiveness. " It can be seen that skill innovation is very important for the development of door and window agency companies. secondly. Door and window agencies should pay attention to the design of their own goods, so that their own goods have their own characteristics, in order to highlight the advantages of their own goods in the world market

in general, facing the fierce competition in the market, the door and window agency companies should actively respond to the competition, use the cost to adjust the structure and development of the door and window agency companies, strengthen the technical innovation, and form their own central competitiveness, so as to gain a firm foothold in the door and window market




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