Simple apartments in downtown create ordinary home

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Part1: panorama of 110000 simple home furnishings in Chongqing apartment:

editor's comments: the living room is composed of light khaki, in which there are many decorations and small furniture, such as cartoon dolls, small fish tanks, etc. The whole presents the feeling of a small citizen's warm family

partial display:

1. Entrance hallway

editor's comment: This is the entry point. The anti lock door of classical style has a good texture. The cabinet is 2 meters long and is pure white. It reflects the virtuousness and taste of the hostess

2. A corner of the living room

editor's comment: toys are everywhere in the corner, and the hostess is really childlike. Leather sofa is the treasure that the hostess found after several setbacks. With plush window mats, it is very exquisite

3, restaurant

editor's comments: the restaurant is a standard practical restaurant, and the solid wood dining tables and chairs are very environmental friendly and healthy. The crystal chandelier is very exquisite. The size of the table is 1.2x0.8 meters, and the two ends can be lengthened to 1.8x0.8 meters. It turns out that the table is thrown in the middle




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