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Complaints about home decoration are also increasing. To this end, the Department of industry and Commerce reminded the public that the main problems of housing disputes were commodity quality defects, excessive harmful substances, counterfeit famous brands, unqualified installation, incomplete qualification of decoration companies, etc. When carrying out home decoration, we must be careful to avoid falling into the trap of businessmen

once the putty is applied, the wall peels

after the putty powder purchased by Mr. Wang is used, a large area of paint falls off on the outer wall, and it is suspected that the paint and putty powder have quality problems. The claim for compensation for purchase costs, wages, rework costs and wall loss costs totaled more than 20000 yuan. If the negotiation fails, the industrial and commercial department shall handle it

after receiving the complaint, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers immediately investigated the incident. After investigation, both parties had certain responsibilities because the time limit and batch of the inspection certificate issued by the putty powder and the wall paint dealer were inconsistent, and the complaining square wall flour brush was not carried out in strict accordance with the procedures and methods. Finally, after the mediation of the industrial and commercial department, the parties negotiated again and reached an agreement that Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhong would jointly provide technicians to repair the damaged outer wall for Mr. Gao, and the cost would be paid by Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhong, and the cost of decorating the inner wall would be paid by Mr. Gao. Mr. Gao was very satisfied with the mediation result

after paying the money on the second day, the decoration boss disappeared

Mr. Li contacted a decoration company online, negotiated the price, paid the decoration fee of 8000 yuan, and the other Party promised to install the house as soon as possible. However, the other party only bought a small amount of decoration materials after receiving the money. Later, the construction unit disappeared and the person in charge of the decoration company disappeared. Mr. Li found the decorators, but the decorators said they couldn't find the boss, and the boss still owed them a lot of wages. This made Mr. Li anxious, so he went to the Donggang District Consumer Association

the staff of the Consumer Association inquired about the story in detail. While doing a good job of comforting Mr. Li, they contacted the person in charge of the decoration company through various channels and found the company's office space. But the staff could not contact the person in charge of the company, and the company did not obtain a business license in the Department of industry and commerce. Mr. Li, the consumer, encountered a liar. At this time, Mr. Li also regretted that he did not verify the qualification and business license of the decoration company when looking for the decoration company. The two sides reached an oral agreement and began the decoration

countermeasures check and find problems one by one

in dealing with various decoration complaints and disputes, the Department of industry and Commerce found that the problems of housing disputes are mainly commodity quality defects, harmful substances exceeding the standard, counterfeiting famous brands, unqualified installation, etc. On the one hand, some decorative materials belong to customized products, and the requirements for commodities are mostly verbal agreements or simple contract agreements, which are easy to lead to information communication errors. After consumer disputes, it is also difficult to define responsibility. On the other hand, in order to save decoration costs, consumers find more unqualified decoration teams. These decoration teams shoddy, Jerry built, and change their mobile phone numbers after finishing the decoration. After quality problems, consumers can't find the subject of responsibility and it's difficult to safeguard their rights. In this regard, the Department of industry and Commerce reminded consumers that they must be careful when carrying out home decoration to avoid falling into the trap of merchants

trap 1: the home decoration contract may be a trap. Before home decoration, most consumers will take the initiative to sign contracts with decoration enterprises, but they rarely read every detail of the contract in detail. A decoration contract, if not carefully read, may also become a trap, pushing all responsibilities to consumers, while decoration enterprises can not bear any responsibility

trap 2: falsely high quotation on materials. Some decoration companies will take the initiative to provide consumers with the project budget list before construction. For such a seemingly detailed quotation, if the area is deliberately increased when calculating the construction area, the area that should be excluded will not be excluded, or the area of irregular places will be calculated according to the maximum size. The materials in the quotation are inconsistent with those actually used, especially the fake and inferior materials used in the base layer to reduce the cost, or deliberately increase the material loss, or increase the quantities after the loss

trap 3: cut corners and make profits. There are also some home decoration enterprises, especially the home decoration guerrillas, who deliberately sign contracts at low prices to undertake business. Some can do it, but if they can't do it, they just walk away with money. While others adopt the methods of reducing construction procedures and reducing material grade to fill in the bad, so as to reduce the decoration cost

the Department of industry and Commerce reminded that for the above situations, consumers should first choose decoration enterprises with legal business licenses, decoration qualification certificates, fixed office premises and fixed design and construction teams, and guaranteed reputation when carrying out decoration; When signing the contract, we must clarify the terms and responsibilities in the contract, and identify whether the contract is legal and effective through the market management department; After the decoration is completed, the quality of the acceptance project is best to ask the relevant quality supervision and testing departments to check and find problems one by one




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