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As a door and window agent, I believe no one only acts as an agent for several products. Some door and window agents think that the more products they act as agents, the better. Why? Because they think that if this cannot be sold, I also have that

as a door and window agent, I believe no one acts as an agent for only a few products. Some door and window agents think that the more products they act as agents, the better. Why? Because they think that if this cannot be sold, I still have that, If it can't be sold, I have another one. Some door and window agents think that the more products I represent, the more customers will be attracted, because they can enjoy one-stop service here. Is this really the case? I remember once chatting with a friend from a door and window agent. He told me that his warehouse was full, selling many categories and acting for many products. Then I asked him, since the categories you act for are so rich and the goods in the warehouse are sufficient, you must make a lot of money. The door and window agent said, where can I make money? The more I sell, the less profit I make, and it also takes up my money. So what's the problem

we know that every door and window agent acts for a product, which is aimed at profits. Door and window agents feel that the gross profit of their products is not low, which is no point. Too many products occupy funds and warehouses, and employees become porters. It seems that all of them are selling, but none of them can be sold. I finally met a best seller. As a result, I didn't have money at hand. Therefore, the door and window agents should "reduce the burden" on your products. In fact, the products represented by door and window agents are not directly proportional to their business scale and profits. It is not that the more agent products, the greater the sales volume and the higher the profit. So, how should door and window agents "reduce the burden" on their products

look at brand awareness

if the agent of the same category has two brands, retain the first-line brands and abandon the second and third tier brands. If the first-line brand agent has two brands, keep the one with good trend, high profit and good service. The advantage of retaining brand products is that the management of brand products is standardized. With standardized enterprises, door and window agents can grow faster. Brand products are easy to distribute, which can make channel customers have stickiness and loyalty. It can drive the market and sales of other products, especially those with considerable profits

look at the product features

door and window agents must have a gold piece, that is, the product preferred by consumers is either "first" or "only". First, the brand may also be habitual purchase, the only feature is. The first thing is not necessarily lasting, and the only product must be lasting, because the only one is irreplaceable, and the only temptation is far greater than the first temptation. No matter how bad the market environment is, the sales of those new products with characteristics are still growing

is this characteristic unique? I have exclusive technology or patents that others don't have. Can customers think of you first in the same category? Only one feature is enough. A product with many features is equal to no features. The features are simple, easy to remember and easy to associate. The selling point of the product must be the most essential thing of the product. The more essential things are, the simpler they are, and the easier it is for consumers to remember them

look at the product cycle

any product or category has four cycles: import period, growth period, maturity period and recession period. No matter how strong the brand is, if the products enter the mature period or recession period, no matter how outstanding the personal business ability and network of door and window agents are, they can not change the downward trend of product sales. In a word, door and window agents should retain Chaoyang products and cut off products in the recession

look at the gross profit of products

the purpose of agency is to create reasonable profits. Door and window agents should evaluate the gross profit of all agent products and account for all operating expenses. If a product sells well, but the gross profit space can't even cover the cost, what reason do you have to keep it? Therefore, we should adhere to one point in the choice of products: the retained product gross profit must be higher than the average gross profit

it should be noted that even if the products finally retained meet the above conditions, door and window agents should also consider the combination, complementarity and compatibility of products, especially the influence of factors such as low and peak seasons, volume products and image product combinations. Otherwise, there will be a phenomenon that the hands are full of first-line brands, the profit margin is low, or half a year is very busy, half a year is very idle, and resources are wasted

the ultimate goal of product integration: from doing less, from doing less to doing better, from doing better to doing better. The products are few but fine, fine and special, and the reserved products can complement each other. Maximize resource utilization and minimize costs. Let the second batch and retail terminals purchase as many products as possible from their own companies. This can cultivate as many loyal second batch and retail terminals as possible

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