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Universal packaging film - wrapping film

[China Packaging News] the particularity of wrapping film makes its performance not change with the change of seasons. Therefore, it is a kind of film with the most packaging effect. The high cold resistance enables it to play a good role in winter when the mechanical strength is high. At the same time, the new Dow led by fitlin has three pillar plates: packaging and special plastics, industrial intermediates and construction and high-performance materials and coatings. Its high viscosity can also bring good maintenance effects to packaging materials. Therefore, the winding film is favored by people. It is not only a packaging material, but also has a maintenance effect and a wide range of applications. The excellence of this series is regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (2 molybdenum sulfide) grease; Yes, it has won today's reputation as a universal packaging film

wrapping film has the following advantages:

1. Stretching packaging saves time, labor and raw materials compared with shrinking packaging

2. High strength, large elastic tension, suitable for any shape of goods. It has excellent puncture resistance and tear resistance, which can avoid damage to articles during bundling, and has good anti loosening, rain proof, dust-proof and anti-theft characteristics. It has achieved innovation and transformation results in the industrial chain

3. High performance resin and tackifier can be used to meet different needs of users to the greatest extent

4. Single, double-sided, slightly sticky, low sticky, medium sticky, high sticky and ultra-high products can be selected, which are suitable for various forms of packaging

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