European pulp market awaits new quotation in May

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The European pulp market is waiting for the new quotation in May. At the beginning of May, the European pulp market lacks a price leader. There are unconfirmed reports that an Iberian manufacturer has informed customers that the new price of eucalyptus pulp is 560 euros/ton. But many small and medium-sized manufacturers are waiting for big players to give new prices in May

on May 2, the Foex index showed that the North bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) fell again, from slightly higher than 580 US dollars/ton last week to less than 578 US dollars/ton. Bleached hardwood kraft pulp decreased from 536.53 US dollars/ton (598.67 euros/ton) to 524.57 US dollars/ton (580.68 euros/ton) domestically. NBSK's price decline rate has decreased to a considerable extent, while hardwood pulp prices show no signs of slowing down

a supplier said that for Southern softwood pulp, "it will not fall much. In my opinion, it has reached the bottom." His view on NBSK is different: "you may get $550 before you stop falling." The situation of NBSK and Northern birch pulp may not be clear until next week. As usual, now everyone is waiting for norscan's inventory data

due to the dull demand, especially the demand from Italy failed to rebound as scheduled last week, there is hardly anything to be happy about in the futures market. One trader said: "demand has not rebounded. Italy has made inquiries, but has not reached any actual transactions." This led to a continued decline in futures prices, but is expected to improve in June

the decline of the euro exchange rate is still a problem, because although North American manufacturers are selling at a barely breakeven price, European buyers still pay a relatively high price

there is a strong signal that Chinese buyers believe that the market has reached the bottom. Canada's shipments to China have improved considerably, although from a low starting point

brazil's inventory increased by 22000 tons in March, but a manufacturer in the country firmly believes that this situation will reverse in April. In April, the output of Aracruz was reduced by at least 22000 tons, while VCP has announced that it will reduce the output by 5000 tons in May

Chile's inventory has finally declined, although the current inventory level is still very high. In fact, at such a high inventory level, it is hard to believe that anyone is actually reducing production related to the market. The change in Chilean inventory is largely due to the substantial increase in shipments

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