European pulp transaction turns to buyer's market

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The European pulp transaction turned to the buyer's market

the decline in pulp prices predicted in the Montreal meeting was first started by Sodra company of Sweden, which has reduced the prices of its northern bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK) and Northern birch pulp to USD 680/ton and EUR 690/ton respectively since February, after their prices were USD 710/ton and EUR 720/ton respectively

shortly thereafter, ence also reduced the price of eucalyptus pulp to 689 euros/ton, while Brazil's Aracruz reduced the price of this variety to 650 dollars/ton. Ence said that it would reduce the production of 18000 tons in its pontevedra pulp plant, which has no chlorination production, from March 12 to April 1

Huihao of the United States and metsa Botnia of Finland subsequently informed their customers that the new price of NBSK was $680/ton. Metsa Botnia also lowered the price of northern birch pulp to 690 euros/ton, and claimed that it would reduce its production by 70000 tons at the end of the first quarter, of which one third was hardwood and two thirds was softwood pulp

the reaction of some buyers is: "it's too late and the range is not enough."

there are few public statements about the prices of southern pine and mixed hardwood pulp manufacturers. Some buyers suspect that although the prices are declining from the trend, their public prices may still be ambiguous. Tacoma company of the United States is an exception. It announced that it would reduce the price of southern pine pulp from 700 US dollars per ton to 660 US dollars per ton

last week, the manufacturer's view was still optimistic. Some of them seem to really believe that if the market recovers in February and March, it is possible to keep the price of NBSK as the benchmark at $710. However, due to the existence of a large number of discounts, the quotation lost credibility, and the manufacturer had to reduce the price to make the price of pulp transparent on the surface. A buyer said: "so these just confirm the fact that Toray industries has 8 PPS Composite manufacturing bases in Japan, China, South Korea, the United States and Hungary in January."

in the price reduction statement, some said that "further notice shall prevail", while others said that "by the end of this quarter", they have different views on the next step of the market. One buyer said, "now that the spot price is so low and the market supply is sufficient, we don't think the price of $680 will last long." Another asked the manufacturer to set the price at a reasonable middle position. He said: "we don't want the price to be too high, but it won't do us any good if it is too low."

at present, due to the supply problem of Southern fiber, the supply of mixed hardwood pulp in North America has been fluctuating since Dow and DuPont have their own advantages in business

it is generally expected that the norscan inventory data to be released soon will have an increase of about 200000 tons. (pulp commerce)

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