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Plastic treatment used as an overall solution

the most important place in the application of medical products is to avoid pollution in the whole manufacturing process. Therefore, an overall solution suitable for the clean room is needed, which includes the drying, transmission and storage of products

now more than 50% of medical products are made of plastic. For example, an estimated 12000 tons of plastic were used in the manufacture of medical products in Germany in 2006. The market demand is expected to be higher than the average growth in other fields in the next few years

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the flexible design and special properties of plastics, the possibility of manufacturing multi-functional parts and cost-effective processing, especially in mass production, make it highly advantageous compared with traditional materials such as glass, metal and ceramics

thrombus syringe: typical medical products

demand for high purity

because quality and safety are issues of concern, the manufacturing of plastic products used in the medical field has the strictest requirements for the production process. Because of the increasing requirements for the pollutant content of products, the requirements for manufacturers in terms of hygiene and cleanliness are the first. Therefore, the primary task is to prevent plastic pollution in the whole manufacturing process. This requires an overall solution suitable for clean room production, from drying to transmission to product storage. These solutions are usually customized according to the requirements of customers, but they are still within the range of customers' affordability

for complex medical products, automated production lines are developed and implemented with customers. The combined system ensures that the peripheral devices for storage, drying and transmission that meet the most stringent clean room production requirements can be readily available and perfectly matched with each other

the general principle for the clean room production mode is that all movable parts must be excluded from the clean room. Surfaces in contact with the material are made of non critical materials such as stainless steel and glass. The sealing material is usually not in contact with the product. The special filter medium corresponding to the clean room level is the most important factor for the final product quality. The dust ring of the actuator adopts the key factor of high-quality double lip

material storage

clean room quality starts from storage. The plastic is transferred from the bag to the silo and stored in a closed container, which is filled into the silo by the corresponding pressure increased by the pressure compensation and inlet air filtration system. Of course, the supply fan necessary for transporting plastic is installed outside the clean room. For silo filling, many processing machines even rely on their own compressors and corresponding pipeline and filtration technology. The following points comprehensively list the elements of clean storage of plastic materials:

◆ non-contact height measurement technology ensures that the silo will not be polluted by moving parts

◆ the centralized filtration technology with high dust separation efficiency is used to realize the ventilation and ventilation of the silo, so as to ensure that the environment around the material storage can be kept extremely clean

◆ HEPA/ULPA grade filter on the suction box of the storage tank prevents the entry of unfiltered and possibly polluted air

◆ batch separation of materials outside the silo to ensure the traceability of materials, that is, the size of the silo storage chamber is matched with the batch materials transmitted

this is the closed storage method provided on Motan's product "storage line"


when the drying step of the material is reached, the standard used is also different from that of the traditional system: the HEPA/ULPA filter between the processing heating section and the hopper ensures that the fine particles in the raw material are removed again. When a central dry air generator with multiple dry ventilation shafts is adopted (with different contents of particles), it becomes a necessary condition for production that the materials do not pollute each other, which is why a more effective filter is used (shown in Figure 1)

Figure 1 Luxor material dryer with four drying hoppers

the mild drying of materials is realized with the aid of Motan's dryingorganizer output control, which prevents excessive or insufficient drying of materials, because insufficient drying of materials will cause product quality problems. Optimize heating control throughout the whole processing process of the product. The dryingorganizer identifies production interruptions and reduces the drying temperature to a non critical standby value. The specially developed ETA processing technology can also ensure the optimal energy balance of the system. The patented method combined with dryingorganizer can save 40% energy through heat recovery

material transmission

the equally important factor for clean room production is to suppress the dust generated in the transmission process. In addition to other methods, this goal is achieved by reducing the transmission speed to 20 m/s. The filter with 1200mm mesh size in the transmission unit can reliably remove the dust in the raw material particles into the central filter. HEPA/ULP on the contrary, I am also willing to find my partner to do all kinds of cave theft experiments. 1. Learning a filter is used for vacuum valve implosion and all suction points - pressure compensation when not in a closed air environment to prevent the transmitted products from being polluted (as shown in Figure 2). Easy to clean and disassemble, the adoption of transmission and separation parts simplifies the maintenance of the equipment

Figure 2 "Metro" conveyor with implicit filter required for clean room production

another standard is that the raw material transmission process suitable for clean room production from drying hopper to plastic processing machine is completed in uncontaminated dry air and the production line is absorbed clean. The "transmission line" and "drying line" products developed by Motan Co., Ltd., located in eastney, Germany, meet all the above requirements


the production of complex plastic products requires clean room production method, which perfectly matches the production objectives of customers. The highest quality peripherals are essential. The complete and available system available from the seller has proved its advantages from assembly to production and production instructions. (end)

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