Plastic spot began to weaken and futures prices fe

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The spot price of plastics began to weaken and the futures price fell

recently, the spot price of plastics began to weaken under the pressure of production and marketing. At the same time, under the background of the overall correction of industrial products, the price of plastic futures also fell. Moreover, in view of the changes in the supply and demand of plastic spot, the weakening of plastic price at this time may not be as simple as the short-term correction. Spot prices both weakened

spot price support is loose. Looking back on this round of rising trend of plastics, the main supporting factor for the futures price to excel among many industrial products is the rising spot price. Recently, spot prices began to weaken. The circulation speed of goods in the market is slow, and petrochemical enterprises are under pressure to reduce the ex factory price of LLDPE. Lack of confidence in market trading, traders mostly follow the falling offer and actively ship

the downstream inquiry is weak. Influenced by the mentality of buying up but not buying down, they often choose to wait and see carefully, resulting in large shipping resistance of merchants, poor transaction in the sorting market, and mainly rigid demand. There are two main reasons for the decline of spot prices: first, the decline of spot prices is hindered by the decline of spot prices in the downstream; Second, the expectation of the commencement of maintenance equipment and the high profit support of petrochemical manufacturers in the early stage make the manufacturers take the initiative to reduce the price to complete the delivery

in addition, according to the plan, the full density unit of Fujian Petrochemical will form an annual PE capacity of 1 million tons after the recent commencement, and the unit with an annual PE capacity of 600000 tons of Sichuan refining and chemical will also be started at the end of 2013. Then, considering the constraints of supply and demand, the above two factors will continue to play a role in the short term, so the decline of spot prices still has a certain inertia

expected pressure for start-up of the unit. The expected commencement of the plant has a great impact on the futures price, the current price difference and the contract price difference in recent and far months. On the disk, the futures prices are the resonance of the participating material enterprises over the years, which is in the state of discount, and the discount range of far month contract is greater. In addition, we can also find that the callback range of the recent l1405 contract is less than that of the l1401 contract

this may imply that when there are abnormalities in the power cord and power plug, there is a market expectation that the commencement of other new devices may not be so smooth, so the capital has some doubts about the suppression of forward prices. Therefore, on the whole, under the expectation of the commencement of new devices, the price of plastic futures will be under pressure. However, due to the uncertainty of plant commencement, this market pressure is not very firm

market outlook. In view of the prominent contradiction between production and marketing, the spot price began to weaken, so the futures price lost an important support. In addition, the expectation of the commencement of new devices also brings continuous pressure to the futures price. However, the start-up time of the installation is full of variables, which weakens the downward momentum of futures prices. On the whole, the basis of the upward trend of plastics since April has been shaken, but whether the market is changing strength is still uncertain

in this case, on the one hand, pay close attention to the implementation of the start-up of the device; 2. Have good electrical insulation; On the other hand, we can look for some structural investment opportunities, such as intertemporal arbitrage. If it is a unilateral operation, it is recommended that l1405 should be cautious to sell short at high prices and take 11365 as the stop loss point

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