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Notice on the application of "2018 excellent new products of scientific instruments" (as of January 15, 2019)

Dear instrument manufacturers:

in order to encourage instrument manufacturers to actively innovate and launch new instruments that meet the needs of Chinese users, the selection of "excellent new products of scientific instruments", one of the important activities of the annual "China Annual Conference for the development of scientific instruments", is about to begin. Please actively apply

"2018 excellent new products of scientific instruments" selection 4. Dealing with a large number of products, it is divided into three stages: preliminary review, shortlisting and award-winning. In order to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of the selection of "excellent new products of scientific instruments", the new product evaluation team invited more than 70 senior experts and 30 senior users in the industry to score independently on the, and publicized all the shortlisted instruments in the prominent position of instrument information, Accept the supervision of users and manufacturers

all new products passing the preliminary review will be tested in 20 days. Are you clear about the details? In January 19, it entered the selection link, held a grand award ceremony for the award-winning instruments at the "2019 China Scientific Instrument Development Annual Conference" held in April 2019, and announced the final results on dozens of professional media at home and abroad

please refer to "" for details of application and selection

deadline for application materials: January 15, 2019

deadline for mailing written materials: January 31, 2019

mailing address: room 412, block B, Putian science and Technology Park, No. 28, Xinjiekou Wai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

attention: instrument information new product review group

zip code: 100088

Consultation: Ms. Liu


food contact materials are not products produced in a one-stop way. E-mail: Xinpin @

instrument information new product review group

October 9, 2018


Introduction to instrument information column

instrument information The purpose of "new product column" is to enable users to timely and comprehensively understand the latest listed instruments every year and grasp the latest development trend of instrument technology. Since its opening in 2004, more than 600 instrument manufacturers have timely released more than 4000 newly listed instruments through the new product column. The new product review team of instrument information releases new products of instruments for the new product column every year and evaluates the annual "excellent new products of scientific instruments". This activity has been held for 10 consecutive sessions

extended reading of the selection of excellent new products of scientific instruments in recent five years

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