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The application of Fieldbus Technology in CNC machine tools

machine tools, especially CNC machine tools, as machine tools, have a well-known role in all walks of life. In the design and manufacturing of machine tools, designers have been improving the performance and product appearance of machine tools. The artistic modeling of machine tools is a required course for designers. A problem that puzzles machine tool designers is the wiring connection of machine tools, No, we can design different jigs according to different samples and experimental methods. How can the tube designer carefully design the appearance of the machine tool? Once the pipeline is connected, you will find that the machine in front of you is like a heavy patient full of tubes and wires. Another problem is the anti-interference and loose connection between point-to-point control lines, power lines, signal lines and other lines, which is a headache for field electrical engineers. The emergence of fieldbus technology provides good news for effectively solving these problems, and the automation system reduces the variability of operator measurement technology

main features of Fieldbus

1 The openness of the system

the traditional control system is a self closed system, which can only communicate externally through the serial port or parallel port of the workstation. In fieldbus technology, users can form a system of arbitrary size with products from different suppliers according to their own needs and objects

2. Operability and reliability

with the same communication protocol, as long as the appropriate bus card, socket and adapter are selected, the information transmission and communication between interconnected devices and systems can be realized, which greatly reduces the workload of wiring and line checking, and effectively improves the reliability of control

3. Intelligent and functional autonomy of field equipment

the signal transmission of traditional CNC machine tools is a one-way transmission of analog signals. The error generated in the transmission process is large, and the system is difficult to quickly judge the fault and runs with fault. The field bus adopts two-way digital communication, which disperses the functions of sensing measurement, compensation calculation, engineering quantity processing and control to the field equipment, and can diagnose the running state of the equipment at any time

4. Adaptability to the field environment

fieldbus is designed to adapt to the field environment and can support twisted pair and coaxial cable BASF: Ludwig's TDI production line is producing "chance" materials, optical cables, RF, infrared and power lines. It has strong anti-interference ability, can use two-wire system to realize power transmission and communication, and can meet safety and explosion-proof requirements

fieldbus makes the system more flexible

in addition, in CNC machine tools, various controllers, actuators and sensors are connected through fieldbus, with less cables, easy laying, low implementation cost, more flexible system design, high signal transmission reliability and strong anti-interference ability. The control system of CNC machine tool based on Fieldbus will gradually replace the original control system, and the complex harness will be replaced by fieldbus. According to the information, at present, China has successfully developed a bus type CNC system applied to high-end CNC machine tools, which supports 32 axis 6-channel, 768in/512out switching value control, and supports user secondary development

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