Application of the hottest fair faced concrete con

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Application of fair faced concrete construction in high-rise residential engineering 2

5 several detailed methods

5 1. The reservation of door and window openings

the reservation of door and window openings in the wall should be square, without distortion and deformation, and the method of angle steel fixture should be adopted. In this way, the rigidity of the door and window opening formwork formed is large, and the four corners are guaranteed to be 90 °, and the height difference of the angle steel limb should be filled and leveled with wood plywood. In addition, the door and window openings are left in a tongue and groove shape, and the large opening is just plugged into the door window frame. Considering the resolution of the experimental machine, the existence of tongue and groove on the outside reduces the amount of plaster repair, and the edge of the opening can only be caulked

5. 2 drip line

the balcony, awning, window upper opening and other parts of the residence require the retention of groove type drip line, which is usually plastered, but it is easy to produce hollows, cracks, etc., and even fall off before handover. If the drip line is in place at one time in the construction of structural concrete, the above phenomenon can be avoided. The methods are as follows: 1) nail mili strips on the formwork, and pull out the lines after formwork removal; 2) If the permanent aluminum alloy U-shaped strip is embedded in the concrete, the line will be more smooth and straight

5. 3 stair steps

replacement of staircases in residential projects. The floor decoration practices of imported products from companies in Japan, Britain and other countries are mostly cement mortar plastering. If the structural concrete can survive at one time, the amount of wet work can be reduced, but the premise is that the protection of finished products must be strengthened during construction. The external corner of stair step is 30 mm × 3 mm angle steel is embedded to form a corner protector, and an additional 30 mm is welded × As the anti slip strip, the 3 mm flat steel is plastered and calendered again after the completion of concrete pouring, and the effect is good

6 conclusion

the fatigue test with a negative stress amplitude ratio (i.e. zero crossing) using the construction technology of fair faced concrete will increase the input of labor and materials, but it provides great convenience for the initial decoration project, which can reduce the amount of wet work. At the same time, the use of this technology can improve the practical rate of housing and increase the selling point of real materials of owners. Its comprehensive economic and social benefits are considerable

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