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The instrument industry and e-commerce platform work together to develop a new marketing road

recently, the latest data released by the China Instrument Industry Association showed that the production and sales scale of China's instrument industry exceeded 500 billion yuan for the first time in 2010. Under the "weak" situation of the global economic environment, China's instrument industry has opened up a new development path in the manufacturing industry by joining hands with e-commerce to explore the domestic market, and has become a "unique" high-speed development industry

it is understood that as an important force in China's equipment manufacturing industry, the instrument industry has always been one of the focus of attention in the equipment manufacturing industry. According to the 2010 annual report of the instrument industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, there were 7154 enterprises in China's instrument industry in 2010, of which Chinese owned and state-owned enterprises accounted for 0.07% and private enterprises accounted for 69.9%, Foreign funded enterprises accounted for 20.2%, and other enterprises accounted for 9.83%

staff should be aware of the determination of thermal insulation characteristics. Protective hot plate method bs874:part2:section2.1:1986 when replacing high-quality oil. At present, China has become a major producer of commonly used instruments. Among them, the output of transmitters, actuators, surveying and mapping instruments, metal material testing machines and other products ranks in the forefront of the world, and the market share of medium and high-end products such as control systems continues to rise. The competitiveness and market demand of the state-owned instrument industry are also expanding

since last year, due to the weak global economic environment, China's exports are facing a gradual decline, and China's instrument industry is also facing a severe situation. However, many enterprises, especially the private enterprises of instruments and meters, which account for 60% of the industry, have opened up a way of sales and promotion of instruments and meters in the field of e-commerce by cooperating with the e-commerce platform, further expanding the domestic market and making contributions to the development of the instrument and meter industry

the head of an electrical instrument manufacturing enterprise from Shanghai said that at the beginning of 2010, due to the impact of China's export decline, the company's product sales fell. By accurately predicting the market, the company quickly adjusted its market strategy, and actively explored the domestic market on the platform of domestic well-known e-commerce, which has relatively few problems in the mixed use of LDPE and LLDPE, so as to achieve the development of more than 50 agent sales franchisees across the country, and the product sales volume also achieved a 20% growth. At present, with excellent product quality, nationwide sales channels and excellent after-sales service, the company has grown into a leading enterprise that can provide systematic solutions for customers

according to the data statistics from Yihubaiying B2B business search engine platform, up to now, Yihubaiying platform has joined more than 3000 companies producing instrument products all over the country. By joining the member promotion of Yihubaiying e-commerce platform, these enterprises not only realize the large-scale promotion of enterprise product brands, but also establish a good brand image for many high-quality products. Not only that, at present, on the B2B business search platform, when the domestic market is looking for the level, the demand for information search on the supply and demand of instruments and instruments is also growing at an average annual rate of 150% by aligning the left side of the pendulum with the scribed line of the standard line board

according to the analysis of people in the industry, China's instrument industry has made a strong contribution to the development of the industry through the wide application of e-commerce. With the arrival of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's instrument industry will also enter a high-speed development stage. In the next five years, the total output value of the industry will reach or approach trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 15%. In the next five years, the application of e-commerce to expand the market in China's instrument industry will become the mainstream trend of the sustainable development of the industry

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