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Yishang welfare! Jiangxi 38million purchased 5200 sets of fast food safety inspection instruments

in the new economic era, the quality of life of national residents has been rapidly improved, putting forward stricter requirements for food safety. Food safety quick inspection, as a new industry born in the cluster of food safety problems, has developed rapidly in recent years as the main body of pollution control, and now it seems to have become a watchman for food safety

since the promulgation of the new food safety law in 2015, the rapid inspection industry has changed with each passing day, ushering in the "golden age" of rapid development. With the continuous attention to food safety issues, the food rapid inspection system will continue to improve. In 2017, the State Food and Drug Administration required all districts and counties to be equipped with fast food safety inspection vehicles, and at the same time, nearly 40000 food and drug regulatory offices were set up in all township areas, bringing a lot of opportunities for the purchase of fast inspection instruments and equipment

in the process of food safety construction, more and more places take food quick inspection as an important measure of food supervision. Recently, according to the latest information of government procurement, Jiangxi food and drug administration has invited bids for the procurement project of on-board instruments and equipment for county-level food safety rapid inspection. The bidding announcement shows that the project is divided into four bidding projects, and the procurement budget amounts are 16.886 million yuan, 15.564 million yuan, 3.39 million yuan and 2.16 million yuan respectively

according to the purchase announcement, this purchase involves desktop low-speed automatic balancing centrifuges, adjustable vortex mixers, ultrasonic cleaners, electronic scales, thermostatic water baths, food blenders, manual (adjustable) pipettes, aquatic products. The following recommendations are made: when the room temperature is lower than 20 ℃, livestock and poultry products SPE rapid pretreatment device and other commonly used laboratory equipment, as well as UV visible spectrophotometer, UV meter Biological microscope and other analytical instruments. According to the statistics, the total quantity of this purchase is 5200 sets/set

large orders in the procurement field are favored, and market opportunities and challenges are coming, pushing fast inspection product manufacturers to the forefront of industry development. The so-called "the country is based on the people, the people is based on food, and the safety of 0.41 ~ 0.45 food is the first." in order to further strengthen food safety supervision, in 2017, China successively issued the "food safety inspection specifications for improving the production, testing, and recycling industrial chain from carbon fiber, fabric, prepreg to composite products", "national food safety plan for the 13th five year plan" A series of important policy documents related to food safety, such as the measures for the administration of food safety standards (Draft for comments), were issued and implemented. In addition, a number of food testing standards are also constantly being improved and formulated

today, food safety has attracted much attention, and the development of food safety rapid inspection industry is in the ascendant. As a "sharp weapon", the on-board instrument for food safety quick inspection is self-evident for the timely detection and elimination of hidden dangers of food safety problems and the practical protection of the "tip of the tongue safety" of the people. In the later stage, it is believed that with the large-scale improvement and supply of on-board instruments for food safety quick inspection, China's food and drug supervision project will move forward towards specialization, scientization and standardization, and finally make a modest contribution to the promotion of the strategy of strengthening the country with health

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