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How far is it from quantitative change to qualitative change for the instrument and meter industry to move towards high-end?

a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform continue to breed breakthroughs. The manufacturing industry has ushered in major changes in the technical system, production mode and organizational form. Under the influence of new trends such as intelligence, networking, service and greening, instrument and meter enterprises can not stay out of it

like many industries, there are not many enterprises engaged in instrumentation in China in terms of quantity, but there is a long way to go in "strengthening". At the same time, the impact of the new economic form has promoted the fission development of traditional industries. Under this favorable background, the instrument industry took the lead in innovation

for an enterprise, the best product structure must keep pace with the times. There are all products that meet the practical needs of the industry. Entering the sub industries through high-end is conducive to ensuring the high profitability of the enterprise. This is also the reason why well-known enterprises take root in some fields and become more detailed, specialized and strong

in terms of the shipbuilding industry, in recent years, the voice of improving the localization rate of ship supporting products has been rising. But for a long time, the improvement of R & D and design level of China's shipbuilding industry has been relatively limited, many core technologies have not been mastered, some high-tech products have not been mass produced, and localized brands with great market influence are still very rare. There is still a way to go for the high-end market of ship accessories from quantitative change to qualitative change

petrochemical industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy and plays an important role in promoting the development of the national economy. However, there are still problems such as weak independent innovation ability and unreasonable industrial layout. The so-called high-end means that enterprises optimize product structure and enter the field of high value-added products. The ways of high-end enterprises are mainly technological breakthroughs and M & A expansion. Jiangsu Tianrui instruments and other enterprises can seize sufficient market share by monopolizing some technologies and providing comprehensive solutions

home appliance industry is the favored object of intelligent technology. With the development of information technology, more and more intelligent home appliances "enter the house". How to continue to leverage the consumption potential of this market, the key is to study the consumption habits and needs of the target consumer groups

put aside the personality problems of the industry, and aim at the essential phenomenon of high-end industry in all walks of life. Instrument enterprises should seize the favorable opportunity to practice their internal skills and constantly optimize and upgrade their existing products; Increase R & D investment and enhance R & D capability; Strengthen the cooperation of "reducing the production of packaging materials by chemical research", improve the core competitiveness, and seize the development opportunities when the market improves

the policy level also continued to promote the localization rate of the same instrument industry. The state should introduce relevant policies, such as tax reduction, fund support and other policies, encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment, and support relevant research institutions to purchase domestic instruments and equipment

mastering the most advanced R & D technology of high-end instruments often means mastering the initiative of scientific and technological development. To make up for the lack of high-end instrument industry as soon as possible, we should not only pay attention to the development of plastic hoses for oil supply by pulling out the cover plate after the technology is removed, but also pay attention to the promotion and use. It is believed that with the pioneering and enterprising efforts of government departments, scientific researchers and enterprises, the high-end market layout of China's instrument industry will be further implemented, and the "transformation" from quantitative change to qualitative change will be realized day by day

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