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The professional talents in the instrument industry are dried up. ABB campus solution

in today's society, all walks of life attach unprecedented importance to talents. Everyone agrees with the concept that talents are the first competitiveness, talents are the first driving force, and talents are the first productivity, which is directly counted by the China Coal Industry Association. At present, the competition among countries, regions and units is, in the final analysis, a talent competition. Whoever wants to take the lead and gain an advantage in the fierce competition must do everything possible to cultivate, use, attract and attract talents. Especially in some industries that are relatively backward compared with the world, the importance of talents has been highlighted. In the instrument industry, which has lagged behind the world for more than ten years, talent has become an urgent problem

ABB has joined hands with Chongqing University to create excellent technical talents

China Society for testing instruments and China Association for analysis and testing, entrusted by relevant state departments, have carried out investigation and Research on China's testing instrument industry. In the analysis, it is pointed out that the lack and massive loss of talent 15 concrete antifreeze have become a serious obstacle to the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of the testing instrument industry, especially in state-owned enterprises

Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, said at the first national competition for professional and technical personnel of environmental monitoring that local environmental monitoring stations are small in scale and relatively low in personnel quality. The quality of the monitoring personnel is uneven, with relatively more junior and intermediate professional technicians and generally fewer senior professional technicians

in the recruitment of instrument enterprises, they are faced with the shortage of professionals. For example, in Chongqing, an important instrument and meter base in China, the Recruitment Supervisor of an instrument and meter company said that after the adjustment during the financial crisis, the company's demand for machinery manufacturing talents has soared, but no one is interested. In Wenzhou, the hometown of pump and valve instruments, a recent Wenzhou pump and valve industry symposium was attended by the vice presidents of technology of various enterprises. One participant lamented that it was us who held such a meeting seven years ago, but it is still us now. In our 60s, we can give full play to our waste heat. Now that we are eight (80), how long can we persist? Wenzhou pump and valve, which is seeking transformation and upgrading, is facing the bottleneck of talent fault

it can be seen that the supply and demand of talents in the instrument industry has become an urgent problem restricting the development, transformation and innovation of the industry. With the increase of labor cost, such problems will still exist for some time. In order to solve this problem, many enterprises have chosen to cooperate with schools

for example, not long ago, the unveiling of Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Instrument Technology Research Center of Hefei University of technology and the appointment ceremony of Professor Wu Peng and Professor Wang Gang were held in Hefei University of technology, and Han Jianghong, vice president of Hefei University of technology, attended the unveiling and appointment ceremony. The establishment of the scribed line on the support of Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Instrument Technology Center of Hefei University of technology as the center line of the idler will further expand the depth and breadth of industry university research cooperation between the two sides, and build a solid platform for Discipline Construction and talent training of the University, as well as technological innovation and product upgrading of enterprises. Another example is that with the joint efforts of all parties, Wenzhou colleges and universities began to take the lead in setting up pump and valve majors in the country to deliver pump and valve professionals for Wenzhou and even the whole country

of course, it takes a long time to cultivate a group of excellent people in the instrument industry. In addition, our enterprises and the government have a lot to do. With the continuous development and expansion of the industry, we expect more and more high-quality talents who can promote the development of the instrument industry to emerge in the industry

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