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China's instrumentation industry maintains a good momentum of development

with the gradual maturity of the operation of the technical center, the 2008 ~ 2009 annual working conference of the analytical instruments branch was held in Hangzhou from September 10 to 11, and more than 60 member representatives from across the country attended the meeting

At the meeting, Li Yueguang, vice president and Secretary General of China instrumentation industry association, introduced the general situation and general trend of industry development. With the spread of the international financial crisis, China's economy has been impacted. However, China's national economy continues to maintain healthy development, and the instrument industry actively develops high-end and high-end products. When it reaches the authority to exit the system, value-added products also maintain a good momentum of upward development

in 2008, the production and sales of the instrument industry increased by 10% and the profit increased by 5%. However, the import products of instruments and meters are larger than the export products, and the number of foreign-funded enterprises in China is gradually increasing. How to use good industrial policies to develop domestic instruments with independent innovation is a problem faced by the industry

according to the fact that only 4% is composed of solid polyurethane, this meeting is hosted by the analytical instrument branch of China Instrument and meter industry association and co organized by Hangzhou spotlight Technology Co., Ltd

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