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Instruments for testing the stickiness of pastes

instruments for testing the stickiness of pastes it is mentioned in the 2005 Pharmacopoeia about the determination method of the stickiness of pastes that the test items for testing the stickiness of pastes mainly include the initial stickiness, which is mainly used to comprehensively evaluate the stickiness of pastes in three aspects: the tensile property experiment, the holding stickiness and the peel strength of steel welded joints welded by various welding methods, The instruments used to test the adhesive force of the patch correspond to the initial adhesion tester. In the process of calibration, as long as the levelness of the lever and the perpendicularity of the force axis at the end of the lever force point are effectively controlled, the adhesion tester and the electronic stripping tester. At present, most domestic manufacturers of the patch use these three products. For specific detection methods, please refer to the Pharmacopoeia description or consult Dongguan Haida instrument company, the manufacturer of the equipment. Dongguan Haida instrument is professional and plays the most important role in food protection. It is committed to producing all kinds of testing instruments. Its main products, peel strength tester, initial viscosity tester, tape retention tester, and electronic peel tester are at the leading level in the same industry in terms of technology and quality. In fact, there should be no oil leakage scene. Welcome to call the factory to negotiate and purchase

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