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Instrument and meter enterprises should first talk about "moving forward" and then talk about "filling the gap"

as for instruments and meters, the frequency of product replacement and technological innovation is not slow, and as for new technologies and products, many enterprises will also publicize around their characteristics, among which "filling the gap" should be a relatively common saying. However, whether those products with the title of "filling the gap" really have this strength is another question. Today, from the perspective of instrument people, we will talk about such a topic - instrument enterprises should first talk about "moving forward", and then talk about "filling the gap"

self confidence is valuable, conceit is sad

what is "going forward"? This word can be understood separately. "Zhiyuan" means reaching far away, which can be understood as developing to a more far-reaching meaning; "Walking" is a state. If you want to "walk", you must be down-to-earth. At the same time, you must have a clear direction in your heart - "walking to the future" means that only when you are down-to-earth and have a goal in your heart, you can reach the distance. Applying this word to instrument and meter enterprises means that the development of instruments and meters should be down-to-earth, ambitious and oriented. Only in this way can enterprises develop further. In fact, 2. It is not difficult to be ambitious and oriented when inspecting the distortion of the torque shaft. It can be seen from the "being a first-class brand in the XX industry" emphasized in the introduction of many enterprises, but many enterprises ignore the more important point - being down-to-earth

what are the characteristics of instruments? Precise, rigorous and reliable! Isn't this the attitude that an appearance person should have? It's important to have ambition and direction, but only by taking action can its value be reflected. Many enterprises regard their attitude of "being a first-class brand in XX industry" as self-confidence, but self-confidence needs to be tried in a down-to-earth manner. It's just self deception and arrogance

what is down-to-earth? Seek truth from facts

has always recognized the view that "people with real strength tend to be more modest". There is no doubt about China's instrument and meter enterprises, or instrument related scientific research institutions, that is, there are indeed industry leaders. In the eyes of others, they are always immersed in the laboratory day after day, working hard for the improvement of technology. I think this is the embodiment of being down-to-earth

another aspect of the Wanhua chemical plan on the ground in 2025 is to seek truth from facts. Recently, one of the first projects supported by the national major scientific research instrument and equipment development special program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, "multi band and multi atmospheric components active and passive integrated detection system" (apsos) was reported. It is reported that the project was approved in 2012, and the original plan was five years. In order to achieve more solid results, it was postponed for one year. "Science and technology" made a detailed report on this, and I was impressed by three parts. First of all, during the reporting process, academician Lu Daren directly pointed out that the water vapor index in his project did not meet the requirements stated in the PPT and asked for revision; Secondly, as for whether the results can replace satellite observation, academician Lu Daren, while analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the two, said that they cannot replace satellite observation, and mentioned that "we can't say that what we do is the most important, and the rest is not important"; Finally, academician Lu Daren used the words "so far" and "main" when comparing foreign instruments and meters through data. From this, it is not difficult for us to see his realistic attitude towards his own instrument achievements, his confidence in using data to prove the strength of instruments, and his sincere attitude of respecting others' research. I think this is exactly the attitude that instrument enterprises should have. As we all know, the instrument industry is full of competition and cooperation. As for the advantages of imported instruments and meters, we should recognize them, learn from them with an open mind, take advantage of the momentum of Sino foreign cooperation, communicate with each other, and strive to learn from each other. As for the advantages of self-developed instruments and meters, we should show examples to prove it, and we should not belittle ourselves and completely rely on imports from others. Instrument enterprises should be down-to-earth, practical and realistic, and effectively find their own positioning

check whether the USB hardware drive is normal in the equipment manager

first talk about "going forward", and then talk about "filling the gap"

it can be said that "going forward" is not only the fundamental requirement of the development of instrument enterprises, but also the development process of instrument enterprises. In fact, the word "filling the gap" itself has a certain sensitivity. To fill in the blank, first of all, you need to know, where is the blank? What causes the blank? How to fill the gap? The process of answering these questions is also used to formulate scientific research directions for instrument and meter enterprises, which is a preliminary embodiment of "going forward"; If you don't answer these questions, how can you "fill the gap"? Therefore, we should first talk about "moving forward" and then "filling the gap"

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