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Goldstone Futures: reduce volume and increase positions, Shanghai oil short position wait-and-see

international aspect: crude oil futures in New York, the United States, closed sharply lower on August 22, almost erasing all the gains in the previous trading days of this week. Today's decline was triggered by the strength of the US dollar. The settlement price of October light sweet crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $6.59, or 5.4%, to $114.59/barrel

the oil price has reached the highest level since January 17, 1991 - the quality of movable parts such as pistons; The dollar fell by $10.56 in a single day. After rising nearly $10 in previous trading days this week, the current oil price is only less than $1 higher than the settlement price on August 15. Traders believed that the reason for the early decline in oil prices was the strengthening of the US dollar and the withdrawal of Russia from Georgia. After that, technical factors also affected the trend of oil prices. Relatively light trading and some closely watched levels were broken, which exacerbated the decline in oil prices. The dollar strengthened against the euro on Friday, prompting investors to sell dollar denominated crude oil futures. Crude oil futures also reported some risk premiums obtained earlier this week after traders believed that the relationship between the United States and Russia would become more tense due to the Georgia issue, but Russia eventually withdrew its troops from Georgia. In addition, some investors' stop loss orders were triggered, accelerating the decline in oil prices caused by the withdrawal of Russian troops and the strengthening of the US dollar

Asian fuel oil traders said they expected the tight supply to last at least until the end of September, when only the loading part was rotated 360 ° around the vertical axis, as more cargoes from the Caribbean and Europe would arrive at the end of September. Traders said that the European Eastern arbitrage trading window may continue to open until the first half of October

today, the fuel volume contracted and increased, jumping low and opening higher. Crude oil fluctuated widely, between intervals. The main 811 contract of fuel oil fluctuated with crude oil in a wide range

operation suggestions: wait and see in an empty position

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