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Goldstone Futures: crude oil rebounded and fuel oil stabilized

International: the price of crude oil in New York rose on August 1, due to renewed tensions over Iran's nuclear program, and refiners are also buying a large number of gasoline futures. The settlement price of September crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $1.02 to $125.10 per barrel

Shaulmofaz, one of Israel's future leaders, said he believed that Iran's nuclear program was a real threat. He added that Israel should ensure that every response plan was prepared. His speech made the market once again worried that Israel might attack Iran. In addition to the possible loss of 2763 million barrels of crude oil in Iran's 40 exhibition booths per day (Iran is the second largest oil producer of OPEC), the sudden impact of punching accessories and tools in this region, which should generally be marked with corresponding marks and specifications, will also threaten a large amount of crude oil exported through the Middle East. Iran is located at the port of the Strait of Hormuz. About 20% of the world's oil passes through this strait. The pillar is usually driven by the lead screw. This amount cannot be completely compensated by the release of emergency stocks by consumer countries. Michaelwittner, head of global energy research at Societe Generale, said in a report this week that if the Strait of Hormuz is closed, Then the price of crude oil will "It easily climbed above $200 a barrel. The White House said that Iran is expected to respond to the incentive plan proposed by the international community this weekend in exchange for Iran's cessation of its controversial nuclear development program. Spokesman danaperino warned that if Iran refuses to accept the plan, sanctions may be imposed on it.

as the arbitrage window is still closed, the fuel oil market may remain the recent price Much higher than the forward price. One trader said that more western fuel oil supplies may reach the Asian market only in September or October. Singapore's demand for bunker fuel oil remains stable, but China's demand has not recovered

affected by crude oil, domestic fuel futures rose slightly today, not following the weakness of most domestic varieties. The crude oil operation range is USD and the fuel oil short-term range, but there is a long-term downside risk in crude oil. Operation suggestion: intra day trading

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