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Jin'an plans to acquire printed circuit board company

Jin'an plans to acquire printed circuit board company

September 28, 2016

[China paint information]

Jin'an Guoji plans to acquire 100% equity of printed circuit board company. According to China paint, Jin'an Guoji announced in the evening a few days ago that it had recently signed an equity transfer framework agreement with Hangzhou United circuit board Co., Ltd. and Tian Jun. the company plans to sell Hangzhou United circuit board Co., Ltd. held by Tian Jun regardless of where the appliances are sold, which is certainly conducive to ensuring product quality. As shown in Table 9, Hangzhou United circuit board mainly produces and sells printed circuit boards, and Tian Jun is its sole shareholder. The final price of this transaction is based on the evaluation report issued by the evaluation institution and finally determined by the parties to the transaction through negotiation

Jin'an Guoji said that this acquisition mainly serves as an experimental factory for the company's new product test of copper clad laminate. Through the production of Hangzhou United circuit board with relatively mature PCB, we try and improve the new copper clad laminate products developed by the company in the PCB industry, and directly contact the downstream customers of PCB (the direct users of copper clad laminate products), so that the company can develop more new copper clad laminate products that are newer, have a higher sex price ratio and can meet the needs of various customers, and further expand the market share of medium and high-grade copper clad laminate products, To achieve the purpose of strengthening the company's scale advantage and industry influence

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