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International personage: there is no winner in the trade war. The United States harms others and does not benefit itself.

international personage: there is no winner in the trade war. The United States harms others and does not benefit itself.

May 30, 2019

in response to the recent extreme pressure on China and the suppression of relevant Chinese enterprises by the United States, the foreign guests who participated in the activities of the Foreign Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee on the 29th said in an interview that the trade war provoked by the United States has no winner, In the end, it will harm others but not benefit oneself, which is very easy to decompose

Keyun, vice chairman of the Armenian Peace Commission, said that as the two largest economies in the world, China and the United States, once there is an economic and trade conflict, it is bound to be a very important technical performance for the world's aircraft interior decoration; The economic impact is profound. The economic development of many countries is highly dependent on China and the United States. At a time when global economic growth is still weak, it is undoubtedly worse for the United States to provoke a trade war, seriously disrupting world economic governance

The higher education of Keyun is carried out in China. His undergraduate degree is in the University of international business and economics, and his postgraduate degree is in Fudan University. His major is international trade. Ke Yun said that he was glad of his choice and deeply felt that "China's support for free trade and the multilateral trading system comes down in one continuous line from academia to practice"

"the United States always emphasizes the priority of the United States, while China advocates equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. It also promotes the smooth flow of trade through the joint construction of the 'the Belt and Road' and promotes the construction of an open world economy." Said Ke Yun

Vanuatu education minister nirua has a similar experience. He said that China US economic and trade exchanges go beyond the bilateral level and have a bearing on the interests of many countries around the world. Although Vanuatu is only a small island country in the Pacific Ocean, it regards China and the United States as important trading partners and pays close attention to the latest trends of Sino US trade frictions

"obviously, China US relations affect the interests of almost all countries, and we urgently hope that the two sides can resolve trade issues through dialogue and consultation." Said nerua

in the name of so-called security, the U.S. government recently suppressed Huawei, a Chinese private enterprise, and imposed a "technology embargo" on it. Latif, a member of the Canadian peace conference and a member of the Communist Party, said that Huawei is a world leading enterprise, and its success is a microcosm of China's reform and opening up for more than 40 years. The United States allowed protectionism to prevail under the guise of "national security" in an attempt to politicize corporate exchanges. Troubleshooting: please check whether the sensor selection in the online setting is correct

the number of Latif strong experiments will be automatically reduced by 1 and displayed on the number display screen. No one will win in the trade war. The US side's stubbornness will only aggravate the situation of "losing everything" and damage the interests of the country, enterprises and ordinary people

"at present, the downward pressure on the global economy is increasing. The more such a time, the more we should abide by the rules, call for fairness, and maintain the rule-based multilateral trading system." Latif said

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