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Heavy! Ministry of Finance: thousands of chemical products can apply for no tax increase! (attach the list) hurry up to apply

heavy! Ministry of Finance: thousands of chemical products can apply for no tax increase! (attach the list) hurry up to apply!, Paint,

heavy! Ministry of Finance: thousands of chemical products can apply for no tax increase! (attach the list) hurry up to apply

On the morning of August 28, 2019, the tariff Department of the Ministry of Finance issued the announcement that "the declaration system for the exclusion of goods subject to additional tariffs on the United States (the second batch) will be opened on August 28, 2019". From today on, enterprises and associations (chambers) in China can register and log in through the tariff policy research center of the Ministry of Finance () and begin to fill in the exclusion application. On September 2, the exclusion declaration system officially accepted the second batch of commodity exclusion applications

application process

1 Login system

address: long press the QR code below to jump to the declaration system page

II. Application for registration

heat aging

III. user login

IV. users fill in the basic information of the enterprise

v. users apply for excluded goods

the application is successful, and there will be no tax increase within one year

the Tariff Commission of the State Council will organize the review of valid applications one by one, carry out investigation and research, listen to the opinions of relevant experts, associations and departments, and formulate and publish the exclusion list according to procedures. 1. For the goods on the exclusion list, the tariffs we imposed for the anti-U.S. 301 measure will not be increased within one year from the date of implementation of the exclusion list; 2. In the first half of 2016, if the conditions for tax refund are met, the additional tariff will be refunded, and the relevant import enterprises should apply to the Customs within 6 months from the date of publication of the exclusion list. 3. For commodities whose tariff increases have been stopped or suspended before the publication of the exclusion list, the tariffs that have been increased will not be refunded. There are two main situations that meet the conditions for tax refund: one is that the exclusion list is excluded according to the tariff items; the other is that if the goods listed in the exclusion list are part of the tariff items and the Customs has conditions for tax refund, for example, on the basis of the tariff items, the Customs has additional codes

thousands of chemical products can be applied for exclusion

the list of the second batch of products that can be applied for exclusion includes a total of 5140 products. According to the statistics of the petrochemical trade coordination official account, thousands of chemical products can be applied for exclusion in the list. Relevant production enterprises must seize this opportunity and actively participate in the application for exclusion, which will greatly reduce their own imports of related products, which will significantly increase the cost of strength products. The International Trade Coordination Committee of the petrochemical Federation specializes in assisting enterprises to participate in the elimination of goods with tariffs imposed on the United States at a constant speed. For details, please contact: (the same number)

the list of chemical products that can be excluded is as follows:

tax number

commodity abbreviation

hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid) sulfuric acid, fuming sulfuric acid nitric acid and sulfonic acid phosphorus pentoxide other phosphoric acids and metaphosphoric acid Pyrophosphate other boron polyphosphate oxide boric acid other hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid) other inorganic acid carbon dioxide silica gel other silicon dioxide other non-metallic inorganic oxide phosphorus oxychloride (phosphoryl chloride; phosphorus oxychloride) other non-metallic chloride and chlorine oxide nitrogen trifluoride other fluoride and fluorine oxide other non-metallic halide and halogen oxide other non-metallic sulfide, Commercial diphosphate ammonia trisulfide solid sodium hydroxide sodium hydroxide aqueous solution and liquid caustic soda potassium hydroxide (caustic potassium) sodium peroxide and potassium peroxide magnesium hydroxide and magnesium peroxide strontium or barium oxide Hydroxides and peroxides zinc oxide zinc peroxide

sodium thiosulfate sodium sulfate other sulfate magnesium sulfate aluminum nickel sulfate copper sulfate barium sulfate ferrous sulfate chromium sulfate zinc sulfate other sulfate other vitriol persulfate nitrite non fertilizer potassium nitrate cobalt nitrate other nitrate hypophosphite and phosphite sodium phosphate and potassium disodium phosphate phosphate food grade calcium orthophosphate (dicalcium phosphate) Other dicalcium orthophosphate (dicalcium phosphate) other calcium phosphate trisodium phosphate other phosphate food grade sodium tripolyphosphate (sodium tripolyphosphate) other sodium tripolyphosphate (sodium tripolyphosphate) food grade sodium hexametaphosphate other sodium hexametaphosphate other polyphosphate sodium carbonate (soda) sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) Potassium carbonate calcium carbonate barium carbonate lithium carbonate strontium carbonate magnesium carbonate commercial ammonium carbonate and other ammonium carbonate other carbonates; Potassium cyanide such as percarbonate, other cyanide and oxycyanide cyanide complex, sodium metasilicate, sodium silicate, silicate of other sodium; Commercial sodium silicate and other silicates; Commercial alkali metal silicate anhydrous sodium tetraborate other sodium tetraborate other borates perborates other chromates and dichromates; Potassium permanganate, perchromate, other manganites, manganates, ammonium molybdate, permanganate, other molybdate, sodium tungstate, other tungstate, other metal salts, and persulfate, double salt of silicates and complex salt of silicates, lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium selenite, other inorganic salts, selenite, and peroxides, colloidal precious metals, silver nitrate, other silver compounds, gold compounds, other precious metal compounds; Precious metal amalgam natural uranium and its compound U235 enriched uranium, plutonium and their compound U235 depleted uranium Thorium and its compounds radium and radium salt radioactive cobalt and radioactive cobalt salt other radioactive element isotopes and their compounds heavy water (deuterium oxide) Isotopes other than heading 2844 and their compounds cerium oxide, cerium hydroxide, cerium oxide, other compounds yttrium oxide, lanthanum oxide, praseodymium oxide, other rare earth oxides, terbium chloride, lanthanum chloride, yttrium chloride, unmixed rare earth chloride, mixed rare earth lanthanum carbonate, other compounds of neodymium, other compounds of terbium, other compounds of yttrium, rare earth metals, yttrium Other compounds of scandium hydrogen peroxide, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, other carbides, boron nitride, other nitrides, other hydrides, azides, silicides and borides, potable distilled water, phosphates, other inorganic compounds, liquid air, compressed air, amalgam, except for precious metal amalgam, saturated acyclic hydrocarbon butene methyl propylene isoprene acetylene, other unsaturated acyclic hydrocarbon, cyclohexane pinene, other cycloalkanes Cycloene and cycloterpene toluene o-xylene m-xylene p-xylene mixed xylene isomer ethylbenzene isopropyl benzene tetrahydronaphthalene refined naphthalene other aromatic hydrocarbons chloromethane and chloroethane dichloromethane saturated chlorinated derivatives of other acyclic hydrocarbons trichloroethylene tetrachloroethylene-chloro-1-propylene (chloropropylene) unsaturated chlorinated derivatives of other acyclic hydrocarbons fluorination of other acyclic hydrocarbons Brominated or iodized derivatives other acyclic hydrocarbon fully halogenated derivatives other acyclic hydrocarbon halogenated derivatives containing two or more different halogens other halogenated derivatives such as cycloalkanes or cycloalkenes chlorobenzene and p-dichlorobenzene other aromatic halogenated derivatives containing only sulfo derivatives and their salts and ethyl esters other sulfonated, nitrated and nitrosated derivatives of other hydrocarbons containing only nitro or nitroso derivatives, Whether or not halogenated methanol, propanol, isopropanol, n-butanol, isobutanol, tert butanol, n-octanol, other octanol, dodecanol, hexadecanol and octadecanol, other saturated monohydric alcohol, geraniol, linalool, other acyclic terpenols, other unsaturated monohydric alcohols, 2-propanediol, 5-dimethylhexanediol other diols ethyl-2 - (hydroxymethyl) propane-1,3-diol (trimethylolpropane) pentaerythritol mannitol sorbitol glycerol (glycerol) xylitol other polyols halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, or nitrosated derivatives of other acyclic alcohols menthol cyclohexanol, methyl cyclohexanol, dimethylcyclohexanol sterol inositol terpineol other cycloalkanols Cycloenol and cycloterpenol benzyl alcohol phenyl ethanol other aromatic alcohols and their derivatives phenol phenol salt m-cresol o-cresol other cresol (p-cresol) other naphthol and its salt o-sec-butylphenol, O-isopropyl phenol other monophenol resorcinol and its salt hydroquinone p-diphenyl phenol salt, 4-isopropylidenebiphenol (bisphenol A) and its salt catechol other polyols; Phenol alcohol other phenols and phenol alcohol derivatives containing only halogen substituents and their salts other derivatives of phenols and phenol alcohols such as halogenation, sulfonation, nitration, or nitrosation ether methyl ether other acyclic ethers and their halogenation, sulfonation, nitration, or nitrosation derivatives: cycloalkyl ether, cycloene ether, or cycloterpene ether and their halogenation, sulfonation, nitration, or nitrosation derivatives other aromatic ethers and their halogenation, sulfonation, nitration, or nitrosation derivatives, 2 - oxydiethanol (diethylene glycol) glycol or monobutyl ether glycol of diethylene glycol or other monoalkyl ethers of diethylene glycol other ether alcohols and their halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, or nitrosated derivatives ether phenols, ether phenols and their halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, or nitrosated derivatives peroxide alcohols, peroxide ethers, peroxide ketones and their halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated Or nitrosated derivatives, methyl ethylene oxide (propylene oxide) - chloro-2,3-propylene oxide (epichlorohydrin), three section epoxides, epoxy alcohols (phenols, ethers) and their halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, or nitrosated derivatives, acetals and hemiacetals, whether or not containing other oxygen groups, and their halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated

Or nitrosated derivative formaldehyde other acyclic aldehydes (excluding other oxy groups) benzaldehyde Lily aldehyde (p-tert butyl- α- Methyl cinnamaldehyde oxide) other cycloaldehydes (excluding other oxy groups) vanillin (3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde) ethyl vanillin aldehyde alcohol other aldehyde ethers, aldehyde phenols, other oxy aldehyde paraformaldehyde halogenation, sulfonation, nitration Or nitrosated derivatives butanone methyl-2-pentanone other acyclic ketone cyclohexanone and methyl cyclohexanone Zhixiang ketone and methyl Zhixiang ketone camphor other acyclic cycloalkanone, cycloenone or cycloterpene ketone acetophenone other aromatic ketone ketone alcohols and ketone aldehyde raspberry ketone other ketone phenol hydroxy-4-methoxy benzophenone ketone anthraquinone coenzyme Q other ketones and quinones containing other oxygen halogenation, sulfonation Nitration or nitrosation derivatives derivatives of other ketones and quinones halogenation, sulfonation, nitration, or nitrosation derivatives formate formate formate ester other glacial acetic acid (glacial acetic acid) other acetic anhydride sodium acetate other acetate ethyl acetate vinyl acetate n-butyl acetate other acetate monochloroacetic acid and its salts and esters propionate propionate and ester butyric acid, valeric acid and its salts and esters stearic acid palmitic acid and its salts and esters, stearate Esters other saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids and their derivatives acrylic acid and its salts ethyl acrylate butyl acrylate isooctyl acrylate other acrylate methacrylic acid and its salts methacrylate oleic acid Linoleic acid or linolenic acid and its salts and esters, other unsaturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids and their derivatives (cycloalkanes, cycloalkenes, cycloterpenes) Monocarboxylic acids and their derivatives benzoic acid and its salts and esters benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl chloride phenylacetic acid and its salts ibuprofen o-methyl benzoate other aromatic monocarboxylic acids and their derivatives oxalic acid other oxalates and esters adipic acid and its salts and esters sebacic acid and its salts and esters maleic anhydride other acyclic polycarboxylic acids and their anhydrides and other derivatives tetrahydrophthalic anhydride other (cycloalkyl, cycloene, cycloterpene) Polycarboxylic acids and their anhydrides, dioctyl phthalate, dinonyl phthalate, Didecyl phthalate dibutyl phthalate other phthalates other terephthalates terephthalates dimethyl terephthalate isophthalic acid other aromatic polycarboxylic acids and their anhydrides derivatives lactic acid and its salts and esters tartrate tartrate and tartrate citrate citrate and citrate gluconic acid and its salts and esters other carboxylic acids and their anhydrides containing alcohol groups but not other oxygen groups derivative water

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