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Shuangxing large-scale water transfer film coating project completion

Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Shuangxing Chemical Co., Ltd. invested 50million yuan to build an annual output of 10million products data: the square meter water transfer film coating project has been completed at present. After the project is put into operation, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will increase by 120million yuan and the profit and tax will exceed 10 million yuan

water transfer coating technology is a new efficient and environmentally friendly printing technology. The key to this technology is the water-soluble carrier water transfer coating film, namely PVA (polyvinyl alcohol vinyl ester) film. At present, only a few domestic enterprises can produce it. The water transfer coating project is the first batch of projects for the country to revitalize the high-tech industrialization of the northeast old industrial base, which is widely concerned by the market because of the deviation of test results

the water transfer coating technology uses the water-based film that is easy to dissolve in water, so the strain gauge is connected to the measuring circuit to carry the pictures and texts, and then the water pressure and activator are used to transfer the pictures and texts on the film to products, which can be widely used in decorative printing on the surface of plastics, wood, steel, ceramics and other materials. The biggest feature of its technology is that it can cover beautiful patterns on irregular curved objects and maintain the integrity of the product surface to the greatest extent. Therefore, it has developed very rapidly in recent years

it is reported that the core of this technology is the water-based film that carries pictures and texts. The water transfer coating film not only needs to be soluble in water, but also requires excellent tension, so the production process is more complex. In the past, China relied on imports of such films for a long time. Shuangxing chemical cooperated with enterprises in Japan, Taiwan, China province and other places, developed and produced the first batch of water transfer coating products in China as early as 2000, and obtained the national invention patent. At present, it is the only professional manufacturer of new water transfer coating materials in northern China. In 2004, Shuangxing chemical launched a three-dimensional curved surface coating film with independent intellectual property rights. This product overcomes the problem of dead corners in the surface decoration of curved objects in the traditional process, has broad application prospects in the fields of auto parts, doors and windows, interior decoration, etc., fills the domestic gap, and breaks the monopoly of foreign products on medium and high-grade water transfer coating

with the more and more extensive application of water transfer technology, China's water transfer coating has been in a state of short supply. Every year, more than half of the water transfer coating is imported from abroad, especially the medium and high-grade water transfer coating base. 11. Automatic printing: after the experiment, the test results can be automatically printed; This depends on imports. After the water transfer coating project with an annual output of 10million square meters of Shuangxing chemical is put into operation, it is expected to greatly alleviate the situation that the supply of water transfer coating in China is in short supply

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