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Nikon D700's new product comes on the market with composite shutter

Nikon D700

Nikon D700's body is based on D300 and is made with a little modification. It also adopts the shell, chassis and reflector box made of magnesium alloy, which not only reduces the weight of the body, but also has superior durability. The shutter blade of the shutter unit developed and manufactured by Nikon is made of new materials (carbon fiber and kelver's composite material). The cycle test of the assembled camera shutter proves that the shutter of D700 camera has been tested about 150000 times in extreme environments. Self diagnostic shutter continuously monitors and maintains the accuracy of the shutter

Nikon D700 adopts 12.1 million effective pixels FX format CMOS image sensor, with a size of 36.0x23.9mm and a common photosensitive range of iso200~6400. It can shoot high-quality images with extremely low noise under the low photosensitive setting and the high setting of ISO6400. In addition, by increasing the sensitivity to hi0.3, hi0.5, hi0.7, hi 1 (equivalent to ISO 12800) and hi 2 (equivalent to ISO 25600), or reducing it to lo 1 (equivalent to iso100), lo0.7, lo0.5 and lo 0.3, the shooting range of the camera can be greatly expanded

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