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Pile foundation construction of two super high-rise buildings in the square in front of Nanchong north railway station completed

pile foundation construction of two super high-rise buildings in the square in front of Nanchong north railway station completed

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two super high-rise buildings located in the Square in front of Nanchong north railway station were fully commenced in July 2018. At present, the pile foundation construction of two super high-rise buildings has been completed and the foundation raft construction is being prepared

On the morning of March 6, when they came to the construction site of two super high-rise buildings, they saw a number of excavators working intensively, loading trucks shuttling back and forth to the site, a tall tower crane running fast, and hundreds of workers dressed in overalls were busy in an orderly manner. The construction site is in full swing

"we have completed the pile foundation construction and are preparing to carry out the foundation raft construction. This process is expected to be completed by the end of March." According to maoxiuyang, the project manager of the two super high-rise buildings, the super high-rise building is 238 meters high, adopts pile raft foundation, and the seismic fortification intensity is 6 degrees, which meets the requirements of "not bad in a small earthquake, repairable in a medium earthquake, and not collapsing in a large earthquake"

Mao Xiuyang told that in order to ensure that the super high-rise building mainly considers the construction of foam particles from the five aspects of technology, cost, service, quality and delivery time, they first start to drive test piles, and then start to drive other piles after testing that the test piles are OK. "We have driven a total of 177 piles, and the gap between each pile is only 1 meter. The use of composite materials with high performance will be more popular in cars in the future. The pile diameter is 1.3 meters, and the pile length is not less than 42 meters according to the design requirements. All piles are inserted into the solid rock layer, which is very stable." Mao Xiuyang said

invest advanced equipment to speed up the progress of the project

"while grasping the progress, we attach great importance to safety issues, so we use machines to replace human construction." Mao Xiuyang introduced that the foundation construction works of super high-rise building projects are constructed with advanced rotary digging pile machines. The rotary digging pile machines can dig about 200 meters and drill 3 to 4 piles a day, while for manual operation, the average person can only dig about 5 meters a day. Therefore, the construction party completed the test pile detection in only 40 days, 15 days shorter than the scheduled time. "The cost of using the rotary pile driver is 8000 yuan per day. Although its cost is higher than the cost of manual operation, its safety factor and work efficiency are much higher than manual operation." Mao Xiuyang said

"in addition to the advanced rotary pile digging machine, there is also a 'big guy' on the site of the clothing tensile test machine. Its use cost is also very high, and the monthly rent is 170000 yuan." Maoxiuyang said that the front arm of the tower crane can lift about 5 tons of goods, and the rear arm can lift about 20 tons of goods, which can meet the construction needs of 270 meters of high-rise buildings

the construction height of 238 meters will be the highest building in Nanchong

"the super high-rise building is planned to have 46 floors, and the construction height of 238 meters will be the highest building in Nanchong." Maoxiuyang told that the functions of each floor of the super high-rise building have been well planned, and functional areas such as office areas, star hotels, apartments, air sightseeing, leisure and entertainment centers will be built; The surrounding supporting facilities include headquarters office clusters, conference centers, brand businesses, large shopping malls, star rated hotels, cultural and entertainment blocks, incubation industrial parks, high-quality residential communities and other functional areas

it is understood that after the completion of the super high-rise building and its surrounding supporting functional areas, it has the regional advantage of backing Nanchong north railway station, which can cover the government affairs center and the elite customer group of e-commerce Industrial Park, radiate 400000 residents in the north of Nanchong City, and will become the future business district in the north of Nanchong City

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