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The transmission project of the farthest offshore wind farm in China was completed. On September 9, the 220 kV transmission project of the 300 MW offshore wind farm of the Three Gorges new energy project, 45 kilometers from the coast of Dafeng port, was completed and put into operation

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our district has a coastline of 112 kilometers long and is rich in wind power resources. The Three Gorges new energy Jiangsu Dafeng 300 MW offshore wind farm project is currently the farthest offshore wind farm approved for construction in China, and it is also the first commercial large-scale installation of large-capacity wind turbines in China

on June 2 this year, the 220 kV transmission project with a total investment of 10.45 million yuan was officially started, and 1.1 km of double circuit lines on the same tower were newly built. At the same time, the pulse frequency of the gap between the adjusted guide wheels of Longyuan Dafeng corresponds to the 220 kV line of the electromechanical rotation speed switch station - the power on Dafeng switch station. The single circuit line is demolished for 1.0 km, and the new single circuit line is about 0.5 km long. In order to promote the construction of wind power transmission projects, the district power supply company took the initiative to provide services, timely grasp the construction needs of supporting projects related to offshore wind power new energy projects, and promote the smooth construction of the project. After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual power consumption is about 797 million kwh, which can meet the power consumption of 500000 households in a year

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