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The concrete precast component production line of North heavy industry branch is completed

the concrete precast component production line of North heavy industry branch is completed

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prefabricated component production complete equipment technology is one of the key product transformation projects developed by North heavy industry, one of the current trends of international construction industrialization, and an internationally recognized technology industry for sustainable development. The group focuses on the strategic pattern of global emerging industry development, follows the continuous development of global industrial core technology, and firmly walks in the forefront of industry development

last year, the group company began to carry out in-depth and detailed market research. In January this year, it developed and designed 1million square meters of concrete prefabrication 4. The component production line equipment in the operation of mortar tensile testing machine, which was officially listed as one of the key product transformation projects developed by North Heavy industry for the expansion of three production lines. The cement equipment branch is responsible for the design and development of the core equipment in the production line, such as the pallet circulation system and the curing kiln. Recently, the project development team has completed the design and review of the engineering drawings

the project development team of the branch company has overcome many difficulties and broken down the resistance of technical barriers. After repeated on-site investigations, it has continuously digested and absorbed foreign advanced technology, and conducted in-depth research on key technologies and core components. Now it has fully mastered the main technical parameters, structural characteristics of each equipment, the role of no sundries in the production line, and the coordination and cooperation process between equipment. Through theoretical calculation and in combination with the actual production situation of prefabricated components in China, the independent innovation and optimization design of automatic concrete distributor, combined vibration device, steam curing kiln, stacker and other equipment have been carried out. The product technology has reached the international advanced level, which is more suitable for the needs of complete equipment technology in the Chinese market, breaking the strategic pattern that the equipment mainly depends on imported products

On this basis, the cement equipment branch has independently developed complete sets of equipment for prefabricated component production lines with an annual output of 100000 cubic meters and 150000 cubic meters. Now it has the general contracting capacity to undertake projects of various scales, and has taken a solid step for the transformation and upgrading of heavy industrial products in the North and the development of emerging industries

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