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On June 11, the product safety supervision working group of the care working committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation was established and the first working meeting was held in Beijing. Zhouzhuye, vice president of Sinopec Federation, said that this marks an important step in the product safety supervision of the petrochemical industry. The next step is to shift from the publicity of the concept of care to the promotion of practice, so as to accumulate experience for the product safety supervision of the entire petrochemical industry

hans Ju, chairman of the ICCA care leading group, said that the establishment of the product safety supervision working group is an important part of care. In the future, we look forward to more specific exchanges and cooperation with China Petrochemical Federation in caring and product safety supervision

Zhang Xiao, leader of the product safety supervision working group, said that the purpose of product safety supervision is to continue not to blindly look at the appearance, improve the level of environmental protection, safety and health, and communicate with stakeholders on product safety through product development and focusing on the product life cycle. Systematic product safety supervision helps enterprises understand the risks that may be caused by product use, design appropriate risk management measures, and improve enterprise performance

it is reported that the product safety supervision working group is the fifth working group of the care working committee of the petrochemical Federation after the establishment of the storage and transportation safety working group, the emergency response working group, the publicity and training working group and the occupational health working group. At the first seminar of the working group from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, representatives from multinational companies such as BASF, AkzoNobel, Dow Corning, Dow Chemical, Clariant, Changzhou Commodity Inspection Bureau Testing Center and experts from relevant domestic institutions exchanged views on the application of chemical safety information, safety technical specifications and labels, key chemical management and product safety regulatory compliance

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