Establishment of Jiangsu graphene Testing Standard

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The establishment of Jiangsu graphene Testing Standardization Committee on the morning of September 8, Jiangsu graphene Testing Standardization Committee was inaugurated and established in Huishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi City, which means that when many regions are competing for the "black gold" bonus of graphene, Wuxi is in the forefront of the industry access and product standard formulation

it is understood that the graphene testing and standardization committee is organized and implemented by the national graphene product quality supervision and inspection center, which is the first in China. It is responsible for the supervision, inspection and testing standards of graphene products in the province and the industry product identification standards, standardizing the development of graphene industry, and occupying the "industry standard" highland of graphene industry development. Professor sunlitao of Southeast University, Professor lizaijun of Jiangda, and Professor caiweiwei of Xiamen University were employed as expert consultants of the center

liyichun, Secretary General of China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, said that China's graphene industry has been at the forefront of the world after rapid development in the past few years, and has formed a certain development scale and atmosphere in Wuxi and surrounding areas, occupying the commanding height of "application". It is reported that several provinces such as Guangxi are actively preparing for the establishment of graphene standardization committees. Most of these provinces are led by the administrative departments. The characteristic of Jiangsu Standardization Committee is that industry organizations such as the public quality supervision and inspection organization of the South China branch of the "National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics" built in Tutang village, Changping Town are responsible for the specific organization and implementation

the siting of Wuxi for the standardization committee is inseparable from the development of the graphene industry in Wuxi. As the first national torch graphene new material featured industrial base in China, Wuxi graphene industry development demonstration zone has built a national graphene product quality supervision and inspection center, and all surfaces of Wuxi graphene technology and samples shall be flat 6 The test results of the safety rope static load tensile testing machine can be output to a number of core public platforms such as the application research and development center in Excel format. At present, the demonstration zone has gathered more than 50 high-end enterprises in the graphene application industry, becoming the park with the highest concentration of graphene application industrialization in China. It is worth mentioning that konstantinnovoselov, the Nobel Prize winner in physics and the father of graphene, has also settled in the park

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